Crucible of Storms

Crucible of Storms is the (small) third raid in the Battle for Azeroth expansion, launching some time after Siege of Zuldazar. There will be a full guide on the raid when it arrives, but meanwhile, here’s some of glimpses of information we got through datamining!


A long-submerged evil stirs beneath the Shrine of the Storm. The whispers that drove Lord Stormsong to madness echo within the depths, a siren song of eldritch power. Those who listen and obey prepare dark rituals to carry out their master’s will. Whatever nightmarish schemes fuel their fanatical devotion, one thing is certain: they must be stopped.

Gear Level

Item Level ??? ??? ??? ???


  • The Restless Cabal
    • Lore: Called from the depths to retrieve three relics of ancient power, the Restless Cabal is bound to serve N’Zoth and attend to his will. Zaxasj speaks of promises and power while Fa’thuul crushes their opposition with brute force.
    • Overview: Zaxasj the Speaker assails targets from range while Fa’thuul the Feared strikes his main target with powerful melee blows. 
      Whenever one of the members of The Restless Cabal loses 25% of their maximum health, they empower and activate the nearest Relic of Power.
      Empowering a Relic of Power unleashes its full magic and also activates [Visage from Beyond] or [Eldritch Revelation].
  • Uu’nat, Harbinger of the Void
    • Lore: When she struck her bargain with N’Zoth ten thousand years ago, Queen Azshara offered one of her most devoted followers into the Old God’s service. Now Uu’nat and the crawling masses he commands herald the coming of their master, as foretold by the stars.
    • Overview: Uu’nat battles his enemies using the gift of N’Zoth, offering power and corruption. Only with the three Relics of Power do the forces of Azeroth stand a chance at survival. 
      In stage one, Uu’nat calls upon the many eyes of N’Zoth to blast and confuse players.
      In stage two, Uu’nat is assisted by waves of N’Zoth’s minions who seek to overwhelm their enemies.
      In stage three, Uu’nat uses the sheer power of N’Zoth’s mighty gaze to wither and crush players.

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