Battle of Dazar’alor

Battle for Zuldazar is the second raid in the Battle for Azeroth expansion, launching in Patch 8.1. There will be a full guide on the raid when it arrives, but meanwhile, here’s some of glimpses of information we got through datamining!


For ages untold, Dazar’alor has stood at the center of the great and powerful Zandalari empire. Its guards have thwarted numerous attempts on King Rastakhan’s life, and it has endured trials both ancient and new. But as war reaches the shores of Zuldazar, the Alliance embarks on a daring gambit to besiege the golden pyramid and sever the Zandalari’s bond to the Horde.

Gear Level

Item Level 370 385 400 415


  • Champion of the Light – Frida Ironbellows  / Ra’wani Kanae 
    • Lore (Frida): On the frontlines of the assault on Zuldazar, Frida Ironbellows leads her troops towards victory. Using the powers of the Light to both infuse herself and her allies with power, she is a overpowering force on the battlefield.
    • Lore (Ra’wani): Ra’wani and her troops are the first line of defense against the Alliance, and are willing to lay down their lives for their city. Working as a cohesive unit, they work together to empower and heal each other while fending off the incoming invaders.
    • Overview: Frida/Ra’wani empowers herself with various seals, and releases those seals to improve her allies whenever she reaches 100 Energy. Additionally, Frida/Ra’wani and her allies work to reduce the size of the battlefield for their enemies, using both [Consecration]and [Wave of Light] to do so. Crusader allies provide additional damage and crowd control for Frida/Ra’wani, while disciples heal wounded allies.
  • Grong – Grong, the Jungle Lord  /Grong the Revenant 
    • Lore (Grong, the Jungle Lord): After volunteering to become a living super weapon, the once-intelligent Grong has devolved into a giant rampaging behemoth. But though his mind may have deteriorated, Grong’s strength is more immense than it has ever been.
    • Lore (Grong the Revenant): Once willing to sacrifice everything to serve the Alliance, the mighty Grong has been raised from the dead and pitted against his former friends. Fighting on behalf of the Horde would be anathema to this noble soul, whose only hope for release is a clean death.
    • Overview (Grong, the Jungle Lord): King Grong/Grong the Revenant will [Tantrum]/[Death Knell] when hit by [Discharge Apetagonizer Core]/[Discharge Shadow Core] or when his Rage/Death Energy reaches 100.
  • Duo – Flamefist and the Illuminated  / Grimfang and Firecaller 
    • Lore (Flamefist and the Illuminated): Though they began training together only recently, Manceroy and Mestrah have perfected their teamwork and now present a united front. With both fire and fists, they stand ready to strike down any who challenge the Alliance.
    • Lore (Grimfang and Firecaller): To the untrained eye, Ma’ra Grimfang and Anathos Firecaller may seem like a mismatched pair. The truth, however, is that their coordination is second to none. Their combined assault is powerful enough to level the most formidable foes.
    • Overview: Players with face off against Ma’ra Grimfang, then Anathos Firecaller, and finally both combatants. As the fight progresses the combatants will perform different Team Attacks in addition to using their individual abilities.
  • Opulence 
    • Lore: Long ago, King Dazar had his golden treasury enchanted so that it would rise against anyone except its rightful owner. Many an unsuspecting thief has been slain by the very riches they coveted, serving as an important lesson to those who would steal from the throne.
    • Overview: In order to survive the battle with the Opulence, players must split their raid into two groups and battle through trapped hallways guarded by ancient Zandalari constructs to loot the Zandalari Crown Jewels, using their magical power to overcome the Guardian’s overwhelming strength.
  • Conclave of the Chosen 
    • Lore: Deep within Dazar’alor lies a chamber built to honor six of Zandalar’s greatest loa, guarded by their most devout followers. Trespassers who dare enter this sacred hall are soon met with primal fury like none they have ever seen.
    • Overview: A pair of aspects join the fight at the start of the encounter, while the others observe. These aspects must be kept apart to prevent them from receiving [Loa’s Pact]. Each time an aspect is defeated, any other active aspects heal to full and receive a stack of [Loa’s Wrath]. Afterwards, a new aspect joins the fight. Throughout the encounter, the loa appear to unleash their wrath, with an additional loa being added to the rotation when a new aspect enters the fray. The encounter ends when all the loa’s aspects are defeated.
  • King Rastakhan 
    • Lore: For over two hundred years, King Rastakhan has ruled the Zandalari empire. Since the fall of Rezan, he has turned to a new patron–Bwonsamdi, the loa of death. The dark bargain he has made grants him the power to crush his enemies… but at what cost?
    • Overview: King Rastakhan calls upon his retinue of bodyguards to defend him and his throne room.
      After Rastakhan’s bodyguards have been dispatched, Rastakhan calls upon his Loa, Bwonsamdi, to come and aid him.
      When Rastakhan reaches 60% health he demands that Bwonsamdi empowers him, causing Bwonsamdi to transfer a portion of his Death power into Rastakhan. After the transfer, Bwonsamdi shifts to the death realm, pulling half of the party with him.
      Once Bwonsamdi is taken to 50% he abandons Rastakhan and teleports all players in the death realm to the realm of the living to finish the fight with Rastakhan.
  • High Tinker Mekkatorque 
    • Lore: Unrivaled in their ingenuity, Gelbin Mekkatorque’s inventions have been instrumental to the Alliance’s attack on Dazar’alor. His state-of-the-art armor is outfitted with the latest–and deadliest–ordnance that gnomish engineering can offer.
    • Overview: Mekkatorque halts the Horde counter-attack using his latest weaponry and inventions.
      Spark Bots protected by a [Gnomish Force Shield] are called in that pursue players until they’re disabled. Take advantage of[World Enlarger] to hijack Spark Bots and shut them down.
  • Stormwall Blockade 
    • Lore: Tidepriest Joseph and Tidepriestess Katherine are devout worshippers of the waves. These proud Kul Tirans would gladly risk their lives to ensure the safety of their compatriots. Their command over sea and storm is awesome to behold, as are the ancient and powerful rituals they practice.
    • Overview: Working to cover the main portion of the Alliance fleet as they fell back, a cadre of Stormsong tidepriests have established a blockade and summoned a overwhelming elemental to wash away Dazar’alor’s port area. Re-establish a foothold on the docks, overrun the alliance ships and return the summoned monstrosity back to the deep before they destroy a large portion of the city.
  • Jaina Proudmoore 
    • Lore: As the Alliance fleet withdraws from Daza’alor, Lady Jaina Proudmoore stays behind with a handful of Kul Tiran vessels to slow the Horde’s pursuit. Storm clouds gather overhead as Jaina leads her pursuers deeper into the Great Sea, where she will attempt to turn the odds in her favor.
    • Overview: The pursuit of Jaina across the seas takes place over three stages.
      During stage one, Jaina assaults the Zandalari warship with Kul Tiran Corsairs that [Bombard] the play space. As the fight progresses, marines [Set Charges] that inflict heavy damage to the raid unless these bombs are thrown overboard before detonated.
      During stage two, Jaina unleashes the full force of her power, freezing the raid over time. Dwindeling heat sources must be used to slow the stacks of [Chilling Touch] in order to avoid becoming [Frozen Solid].
      During stage three, Jaina utilizes [Prismatic Images] that duplicate her most dangerous frost spells. Frozen allies must be freed before they are hit by [Shattering Lance].

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