King’s Rest and Siege of Boralus Guides Up!

After finally having some video material of two clears of the wholly Mythic Dungeons, I’ve finally been able to finish the guides for these two: King’s Rest and Siege of Boralus. Both are mythic-only and are unlocked through the War Campaign. If you’re heading there, take a look at my guides!

Battle for Azeroth > Dungeons > King’s Rest

Battle for Azeroth > Dungeons > Siege of Boralus

Now that’s done, I better get to work on the Uldir guide! I’m also adding more and more information to the dungeon guides as I go along. Specifically, debuffs that aren’t always displayed on unit frames with certain addons (*cough* elvui *cough*). I’m adding drop-down lists of debuffs so that they’re easy to find and track if you so wish. 

Anyway, good luck!

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