Heart of Azeroth – Monk Preview

In Battle for Azeroth, we will say goodbye to our artifacts. Instead we will get a neck-piece called Heart of Azeroth, which we will empower with Azerite much like we empowered the artifacts with artifact power. Here is a small preview of how the system works, with a sneak peek at a few Monk traits!

The Heart of Azeroth

  • The Heart of Azeroth
  • Your Heart of Azeroth is used for all specs! No need to gain Azerite to level each spec, it’s the same power progression.
  • Levelling the Heart through azerite will unlock traits in the three Azerite Armor slots (Head, Shoulders and Chest).
  • Higher levelled Heart unlocks more traits in the armor.
  • There are four tiers of traits in the armor tree. See concept image below:
Concept image of the tier tree for a head-piece ‘Coil of Entwined Fates’
  • Each unique armor piece has different traits to choose from, with higher level gear having better traits. These traits are predetermined.

Alpha Preview

On the alpha there is one azerite armor piece, Vest of the Champion,  we have been able to preview. It’s evident that Blizzard is still in the very early stages of its design; the interface is temporary and the traits are rather generic.

Other datamined Monk traits: Fit to Burst, Swift Roundhouse.

Since Blizzard themselves have said that you will get better traits from more difficult content, perhaps one can assume that the traits above are not the flashiest since they’re on a leveling item? There have been precious few traits datamined yet, so I’m reluctant to make too many predictions. I can only say that I hope there are more class-specific traits rather than generic ones on the raid gear!

On a related note, I am so incredibly glad we got this system to of traits rather than set bonuses. I mean, set bonuses could be fun, but tier gear was a nightmare. You always got better gear from Mythic+ but then couldn’t switch to it without breaking the set bonus. It’ll be fun to try out this new system when it’s more complete. I’ll keep you updated!

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