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Summer is a bit of a hectic time due to travelling, but I got the chance to do some catch up now when I’m home for the day. There have been two new builds to the Bfa beta while I was gone, plus a developer post on mistweavers that is very important. Let’s get to it!

Mistweaver Changes

Build 26734 (May 30)

  • Vivify
    • The direct heal now heals for 105% of spell power, up from 100%.
    • The cleave heal now heals for 70% of spell power, up from 60%.
  • Renewing Mist
    • Uplifting Trance now increases the healing of your next Vivify by 30%, down from 40%.

Build 26788 (June 8)

  • Thunder Focus Tea
    • Enveloping Mist: Immediately heals for 200% of spell power, down from 250%.
Original Post, June 8.

Next build will try 2 charges on Renewing Mist, and Uplifting Trance removed.

A little background for interest:
We try to be really careful about adding charges to baseline spells, since it’s a higher-complexity mechanic than simply having a cooldown. Essentially every spell is slightly more efficient with charges, since you don’t get the little bit of slippage when the cooldown comes up each time, and you can better sync it with other effects. So it’s always an attractive ask, because adding charges to anything improves spec performance. Renewing Mist is a better case due to bad feeling of every second lost slightly reducing Vivify efficiency for 20s, and this also helps the weirdness of wanting to start ramping it up 20s before any pull.

Uplifting Trance was added in Legion to try to give something that enforced a little more spell variance (pushing Vivify to top priority sometimes and not other times). By now, there are so many more spell interactions contributing to the “weaving” part of Mistweaving (Essence Font buffs other spells, Soothing Mist empowers other spells, Renewing Mist improves Vivify, etc.) that button choice is richer without sticking a proc in there. Since other things control when you want to use Vivify, this just feels like random variance that you can’t control.

Posted by Sigma.


Oh, I’m so relieved that we get stacks, this is going to smooth out our rotation considerably. It has been one of the most requested changes, at least from my corner of the internet, and it’s great to see that the developers have responded to it.

Looking back at my own feedback posts, I’ve basiaclly had the majority of my wishlist being granted. What’s left on the list is Mana Tea off GCD and an EF empowerment on Thunder Focus Tea (longer reach!). But that’s all gravy, the core rotation is pretty solid now and I can’t wait to try it out.

I’ll be off again tomorrow, I’m gonna help out my dad with raising our 8 week old puppy that’s just joined the family (I’ll post some pics on twitter later!). I’ll be back again in July, hopefully in time for some more raid testing. I’d really like to try out more of the raid healing, especially with stacks on Renewing Mist.

Anyway, I’ll have a tenuous internet connection and an old laptop while I’m gone, so I won’t be completely off the grid. Until next time!

3 thoughts on “Catch Up on Mistweaver News”

  1. Be still my heart? They must’ve got a Monk main on the Class development team or something it’s like they actually want MW to be fun again.

  2. I check the blue post section of MMO Champion daily and I was ecstatic when they posted about giving ReM charges. You’re absolutely right; it is by far the most request thing I’ve seen on the forums as well, and for good reason. While I do miss the old Uplift mechanic, the current iteration seem half-assed and made the ReM-Vivify combo extremely awkward. Not to mention it required MW’s to be somewhat psychic to “guess” which targets would need Vivify cleave healing 15-20 seconds after casting it. The few times that I was lucky enough to have ReMs out and those people happen to be the lucky ones to take damage, the weaving of EF and Vivify felt so smooth. This is a good medium. A quick way to get ReMs out and not having to only rely on EF, but not going solely back to Uplift and Pools of Mists (although I’d be ok with it lol). If this tests well, I would actually be very impressed by Blizzard because this has the potential to successfully combine the playstyle of MoP/WoD and Legion together.

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