Teahouse Reoccupied

After a short, but wonderful holiday to Edinburgh, Scotland; I am now back in action again (although slightly marinated). While I’ve been away there’s been a new Alpha build, which unfortunately only brought another batch of tooltip proofing for mistweavers. But other fun stuff has hit the alpha, so there’s no lack of news for me to talk about. I have prepared my tea cup.

Another build would have meant some new mistweaver changes for me to talk about, but in the shining absence of said changes, let’s talk a little about the legendaries and the new glyph system.

Monk Legendaries

These actually came in a while ago, but I haven’t had the chance to comment yet. So here goes!

So, mistweavers will potentially have 5 different legendaries to choose from: ring, boots, leggings, shoulders or a waist. The effects are certainly legendary as well, not to mention game-changing. While these are probably an early iteration, and we’ll likely see them change quite a bit, it’s interesting to see what kind of effects the developers have in mind.

But remember; we will only be able to equip one legendary at the start of the expansion and each legendary has (according to sources) a very small chance to drop. We should however be able to target a specific legendary to farm for (though how is still unclear). This of course raises the question: if you’re dead-set on getting a legendary, which should you farm for first?

I don’t think we can answer that question any time soon; not when the legendary effects are still subject to change; we don’t know our exact rotation and build for raiding; and theorycrafting haven’t caught up to the legendaries yet (though I imagine that will come naturally when we have a clearer picture of our rotation). Not to mention – the legendaries might have such a low drop rate that only a few people will see them drop at all. We don’t know yet! But personally, I’m vying for the Legging of the Black Flame. I’m very fond of the new Thunder Focus Tea.

Monk Glyphs

While the actual glyph system is not in place yet, we know that it will work very differently from the previous system. The glyphs will be more cosmetic than functional, and we will be able to apply them directly to our spells in the spell book (or so I’ve heard). New monk glyphs are:

I’m actually quite excited for the new glyph system; I like being able to customize my mistweaver’s transmog, enchants, artifact looks and now also spell animations to my exact liking. I hope they expand on this idea to give options for more spells’ looks. I just might go a bit crazy with it if so.

Sheilun Appearances

New Sheilun Look

You might remember this new look of Sheilun from a while ago. It has been added to Wowhead’s dressing room if you are interested in taking a look; though it seems like that its animation hasn’t been rendered properly yet. But I think it has the potential of looking really cool if the animation makes it justice.

Names of the Sheilun appearances are now:

  • Sheilun, Staff of the Mists (Initial)
  • Toll of the Deep Mist (Upgraded)
  • Chi-Ji’s Spirit
  • Sha’s Torment
  • Essence of Calm (New)
  • Yu’lon’s Blessing

Since each look has four different colors, we are now up to 24 different versions of Sheilun. That’s quite a bit, but I wouldn’t mind a few more. But that might just be my transmog addiction talking.

That’s it for today, folks. I’m gonna return to my Patreon work now and in the upcoming day’s I’m also planning to continue on my article series on the Legion Mistweaver. Until then!


4 thoughts on “Teahouse Reoccupied”

  1. I think the TFT buff from the legendary legs looks fantastic, but I’m really intrigued by what kind of proactive playstyle the ring might promote. I also play holy paladin, and the idea of building up to your shields is a very cool bridge there. I feel like it could make Life Cocoon one of the strongest externals available if prepped long enough. I wonder if they’ll cap the bonus.

    1. That was my thought on Life Cocoon as soon as I saw it. If it remained at 1% every .5 seconds ad infinitum we would end up with some absurd bonuses to our bubbles, especially if we take Mist wrap. It is nice to see more of a reason to take that talent though. I could see them doing something like “Every time Soothing Mist heals a target, the absorb amount of your next Life Cocoon on that target is increased by 1% up to a max of 200% of the original absorption value.” That would take 50 seconds of continuous casting on a target to get that extra 100% absorb (pretty much impossible without mistwrap and even then you’ll probably want to cast one of the anchor spells on someone else during that time). However they change it, it is certainly interesting to think about ^_^

      1. I was under the impression it wouldn’t matter what target Soothing Mist was channeling on. My first thought was that you would gaining a stacking buff (maybe it would time out after a few seconds of non-SM casting) that would apply to Life Cocoon regardless of target. It seems that you interpreted it as continuous Soothing Mist casting increasing the effect of Life Cocoon on that particular target? It’ll be very interesting to see where that goes. All speculation of course – what a vague tooltip!

        1. Oh no, that was a possible change they could make to the item to balance it. You’re exactly right =) I was just trying to think about what they could do to not make it ridiculously powerful if we revolved our play style around the item’s use.

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