Patch 7.2 Sneak peaks

A slew of new info for Patch 7.2 has been datamined. I have collected and summarized what will be happening for Monks and Mistweavers specifically in this post. More info will be forthcoming!

New Artifact Traits

Some old traits will get more ranks. Remember that now we have 1-3 base traits, but we can add 3 traits with relics, a.k.a. 6 traits max. In patch 7.2 some will get 2 more ranks available (7 & 8), but the max trait for base traits will be rank 5 (+ rank 6-8 if relics are added).

Additional ranks:

New Traits:

  • Effusive Mists Rank 1: Effuse causes Sheilun to generate a cloud of mist.
  • Tendrils of Revival Rank 1-8: Reduces the cooldown of Revival by 10-80 sec.
  • Whispers of Shaohao Rank 1: Consuming the mists of Sheilun causes each active mist to additionally heal a nearby target for x%.

New Class Mount

The class mounts will be a reward for the continued Order Hall story line. Monks will be getting a Tiger mount, which currently only has one color variation, but since several other classes get three color variations, there’s a small chance we’ll get one too. Maybe.

Each class mount will have their unique summon animation to boot. While I do love tiger mounts, I hope we get a color variation that has more earthy colors. Though the turquoise is a Monk color, it looks a bit cartoonish with such a bright neon color with black outlines. But otherwise I think it’s a cool model!

New Artifact Model

The artifact model that was datamined back in Beta will be available in Patch 7.2. It’s called Essence of Calm and will be obtained through difficult solo content, though the details of how and what haven’t been revealed yet.

Tier 20 Monk

If you remember the presentation of future content at Blizzcon, you might recall that there will be a new raid in Patch 7.2: Tomb of Sargeras. This will of course mean a new tier for all classes!

Click to embiggen

It seems to be based on tigers, as well. Other classes will have their tiers based on Tier 6 (they said “inspired by”, but the sets look suspiciously identical to t6 with slightly different colors). Monks, DKs and DHs get completely new looks of course, since we weren’t around for Black Temple/Hyjal/Sunwell Plateau.

More to come…

This is of course only a snippet of new content that will be available for Patch 7.2. We can also look forward to a new raid, dungeons, legendaries, order hall story lines, new champions, paragon reputations, mounts, battle pets, more profession recipes, etc. etc. Remember that what has been datamined so far is in production, a.k.a. the finished product might look different (looking at you t20).

Until next time~

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  1. With the new traits coming up, I feel like Shelter of Rin is shaping up to be super mandatory, for raids at least.

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