Introducing my WeakAura Library

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After a lot of work I’m finally done with my WeakAura Library! Here you can find export strings to many WeakAuras for Mistweavers. There are Mistweaver cooldowns, general Monk cooldowns and some indicators. Take a look at it here:

WeakAura Library

And yes, the very sought-after Mana and Chi indicator can be found there.

Copy the export string, then go into WoW. Use the /wa commando to bring the Weakaura menu up then click on Import and paste the export string.

If you want to move the weakaura (which you likely want to do), select the weakaura you want to move by clicking on the group in the menu (not the specific auras within the group). Then the weakaura will pop up on your screen. You can move the aura by clicking and dragging on the anchor at the centre of the aura. Place the aura where you want it to be. If you want to have a more precise location on the aura, click on the aura in the menu then go to “Group”. At the bottom you can find X-offset and Y-offset coordinates where you can specify where you want the aura more exactly.

If you want to change size or color you have to open up the weakaura group (there’s a small plus sign to extend the group). You have to change each aura individually, so click on the aura then “Display”. There you can play around with the looks of the aura.

Hope you guys like it!

11 thoughts on “Introducing my WeakAura Library”

  1. Thank you for this, Ashleah! Your service to the greater Monk community is tremendous and much appreciated. ~David (Muiread, Silvermoon, US)

  2. Excellent list, saving me a bunch of time. I am having a weird issue where the spirited crane WA only show up when I’m wise serpent stance. As soon as I switch it’s gone. I’ve looked through all the settings and can’t find where you set up the stance part to see if I could figure out.

    1. That’s strange. Which exact aura is it? If you mean the indicator for the Spirited Crane Stance, go in to the group and click on the aura that you are having problems with. Then go to “Trigger”, make sure it is set to Type = Status, Status = Stance/Form/Aura and Form = 2 Stance of the Spirited Crane. That means that the Aura will only be triggered if you are in Crane stance. Tell me if you continue to have problems with the little bugger~

  3. It’s all of the spirited crane WA. I did a little digging and I could get it to work was to go into the lua and replace the [“form”] = 2’s with [“form”] = 1’s in these sections. For some reason on my computer stance 1 is Spirited Crane. I couldn’t find these additional triggers in the WA interface. So odd that the numbers aren’t standard across computers. I wonder if one of us has an addon that modifies it.

    “additional_triggers”] = {
    [“trigger”] = {
    [“use_form”] = true,
    [“unevent”] = “auto”,
    [“form”] = 2,
    [“event”] = “Stance/Form/Aura”,
    [“subeventPrefix”] = “SPELL”,
    [“unit”] = “player”,
    [“type”] = “status”,
    [“use_unit”] = true,
    [“subeventSuffix”] = “_CAST_START”,
    [“custom_hide”] = “timed”,
    [“untrigger”] = {
    [“form”] = 2,
    }, — [1]

      1. Okay I’m a weak aura noob, you have to use the pull down menu to get the second trigger to show. Much easier to modify that way. Guess it’s good to have this here just in case anyone else has the same issue.

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