Elvui Profile Bonanza

A popular demand have been additional Elvui profiles with action bars. Since I am a graceful hos- I mean blogger, I have added a few (a lot) profiles into my arsenal of UI profiles. I may have gone overboard yet again, but my ambition is a natural byproduct of my passion for UIs.

I have done a basic profile that should fit every class, and then copied it to a myriad of different color schemes. Do note however, when imported it needs some touch-ups which I will go through at the end of this post.

You can find the profiles in:

WeakAuraHub > WeakAura Library > Elvui Profiles

And we have the following themes: OceanSapphire, SerpentJade, GoldenAmber, CrimsonRuby, VoidAmethyst, SunCrystal and BloodShadow.

OceanSapphireSerpentJadeGoldenAmber CrimsonRuby VoidAmethyst



Double check that you have the following addons installed and updated:

  • Elvui
  • Elvui Shadow&Light
  • VisualAura Timers

After you have imported the Elvui profile, go to the Elvui menu /ec > Shadow&Light > Panels&Dashboards > Backgrounds and enable the background bar.

To allow Masque skin the action bars and buffs/debuffs, you need to enable Masque support in the Elvui menu. Go to /ec > Actionbars and down at Masque support, tick in all the boxes. Do the same with Buffs & Debuffs.

I use the extension addon Renaitre to skin my icons, using the Thinnerest model. Add 50% gloss and a color that matches your Elvui profile.

Bonus Customization

If you feel handy with addons, why not add a few more extension addons to Elvui? I’m a fan of the tag-addons, a.k.a. customizing the text on unit frames. I download my extension addons from the Tukui client (download here). I use the following addons:

The first extension addon gives you a few more options to color the text, while the second addon allows you to add absorbs into the equation. For example, the [health:absorbs] tag allows you to see how much absorbs a unit has based on its health. If I’m on full health (100%) and apply Life Cocoon to myself, the health text will go up to 163.5% health.


It’s very handy when you need to predict where to put your Extend Life buff and have an absorb-crazy Disc or Paladin in your raid (or both)!

Good luck with your UI tinkering! ♥

3 thoughts on “Elvui Profile Bonanza”

  1. Hey Ashleah? Did you know that it’s possible to get the values of what shields people in the raid have separate to the elvui absorb tags addition?

    I’m not sure if you can do it as an addition to their health %, but you can do it as an actual value in a separate part of the raid frame.

  2. I used to use your golden amber profile, but after I tried to make a small change, It’s all gone. Could you put the import string back up?

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