Patch 7.2 Sneak peaks

A slew of new info for Patch 7.2 has been datamined. I have collected and summarized what will be happening for Monks and Mistweavers specifically in this post. More info will be forthcoming!

New Artifact Traits

Some old traits will get more ranks. Remember that now we have 1-3 base traits, but we can add 3 traits with relics, a.k.a. 6 traits max. In patch 7.2 some will get 2 more ranks available (7 & 8), but the max trait for base traits will be rank 5 (+ rank 6-8 if relics are added).

Additional ranks:

New Traits:

  • Effusive Mists Rank 1: Effuse causes Sheilun to generate a cloud of mist.
  • Tendrils of Revival Rank 1-8: Reduces the cooldown of Revival by 10-80 sec.
  • Whispers of Shaohao Rank 1: Consuming the mists of Sheilun causes each active mist to additionally heal a nearby target for x%.

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MistyTeahouse Patreon on Short Break

I’m taking a short break on Patreon (you know, where people can subscribe for a package of interface art every month). You won’t be able to pledge until I restart it again in February. This is just a heads up!

My official Patreon post on the subject:

Hello guys! This month I’m going to take a break from Patreon, since I’ve been away skiing for a little over a week, I won’t have the time to create a whole UI. So, no new UI for January. I will restart again in February!

Now there are good news and bad news. Let’s start with the bad.

I have a pay-per-month account on Patreon, which basically withdraws money from my patrons the 1st of every month. This is automatic, I have no control over it. So, what I need is a pause-button that prevents payment that month. The problem is, there is a pause-button but it is in Beta and only a few Patreon creators can use that function. I’m not one of them.

According to Patreon’s help desk, to pause my account I need to revert to Patron-only (as opposed to Creator). The bad side of that is that I will lose all my patrons in the process, since a patron-account is not a creator and you can’t pledge anything. And that sucks. But it’s the only choice I have since I won’t have time to create a whole UI this month and I won’t charge my patrons for nothing.

The good news, though! 

I am an optimist if not, so while I begrudgingly have to basically reset my account for this month so no undue payments go through, I think of this as an opportunity. I want to rework my Patreon model a little, basically make it a little simpler and streamlined (which will of course make it cheaper as well). I’m still offering a mini-UI and a big-UI, but I won’t do any more tutorials since I have basically taught you guys everything I know. A.k.a. I will be focusing on the art only.

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Back from Vacation!

I’ve had a very relaxing and nice vacation skiing the past week and a half – with no broken legs to boot! Will miracles never cease? But it seems like I’m late to the party; patch 7.1.5. is already out and I’ve just gotten home and scraped the snow off of me. Well, better late than never as they say!

The past week I’ve been in one of four modes: sleeping, skiing, baking in the sauna or reading in front of a fire. The only thing missing was a strong choke hold on the notifications on my phone. Tried having it muted, but people were so upset that I never got back to them. Why is it so wrong that I take three days to get back to people? I mean, I can no longer give a pertinent reply to the question “Where R U now?” three days later, but the thought counts, right?

Mistweaver Changes

  • Dampen Harm now reduces all damage you take by 20% to 50% for 10 seconds, based on the size of the attack, with a 2 minute cooldown.
  • Ring of Peace now forms a Ring of Peace at the target location for 8 seconds. Enemies that enter will be ejected from the ring.
  • Mastery: Gust of Mists healing increased by 30%.
  • Rising Sun Kick mana cost is now 2% of base mana (was 2.25%).
  • Song of Chi-Ji cooldown reduced to 15 seconds (was 30 seconds).
  • Diffuse Magic cooldown is now 90 seconds (was 120 seconds).
  • Zen Pulse damage and healing increased to 220% of spell power (was 200%).
  • Mistwalk healing increased to 420% of spell power (was 350%).

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Patreon December Complete – Art of the Night

Updated for Patch 8.1.5

I can’t say I’ve ever worked so much on a holiday, but lucky for me, there’s a nice skiing vacation on my calendar! Here’s the help post for the UI I did for Patreon this December. This is just to help you get started with the new interface art, but feel free to mix it up to your own liking!

Creating your own Night UI

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