Patreon Preview – Art of Zen

There are a few more days left on my Patreon deadline and I’m working very hard to wrap things up before Legion launches and explode everything. To my patrons and people who might be interested in owning this month’s art, here’s a sneak peek of what’s in store for the August rewards!

If you are new to Patreon: it’s a subscription service for NEW art I do every month. Patrons pledge at any day of the month; at the last day of the month Patreon withdraw the money and when all pledges have been processed, I send out the rewards to eligible patrons.

Recap of my Patreon tiers:

Tier 1 “Tea Leaf Novice” – Patreon Activity Feed + Creativity Package
Tier 2 “Tea Plant Apprentice” – The above + Texture Package
Tier 3 “Tea Cup Initiate” – The above + Tutorial Package
Tier 4 “Tea Pot Adept” – The above + Border Package
Tier 5 “Tea Festivity Master” – The above + Themed Art Package

Deadline for this month’s art is August 31st.

Texture, Tutorial and Border Packages

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Hotfixes and Last-Minute Panic

Legion seemed so far off, like a speck in the horizon. Then one day that speck was suddenly a massive Legion invasion that gob-smacked you right in the face. Legion is here, the big launch coming only in a few short days, and I’m having last minute panic over all the things I need to get done before then! But the hype is real!

Mistweaver Hotfixes

Legion Schedule

August 30, Tuesday – Launch! Mythic Dungeons open after weekly reset.
September 20, Tuesday – Emerald Nightmare Normal and Heroic opens! Mythic+ Dungeons become available!
September 27, Tuesday – Emerald Nightmare Mythic and the first wing of LFR opens!
October 11, Tuesday – 2nd wing of Emerald Nightmare LFR opens!
October 25, Tuesday – 3rd wing of Emerald Nightmare LFR opens!

Nighthold (Suramar Palace) raid will open sometime early 2017.

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WeakAura (Icon) Library Updated

Only half a month to go before Legion – it’s high time to make sure that your UI is on point! I have a string of updates I need to do before launch, and today I can tick on of them off: the Mistweaver Icon Aura Library. I’ve got you covered! 

In my Icon Aura library you can find export strings for all kinds of auras. I have nearly all abilities (shows cooldown of Renewing Mist, Revival, Life Cocoon, etc), good auras for fistweaving (Teachings of the Monastery, Rising Sun Kick), talents (Lifecycles, Mana Tea, etc.) and trackers that shows how many people in your group are affected by ReM and the Essence Font buff. I recommend skinning the icons with the addon Masque and a few extension addons!

Auras: WeakAura Library > Mistweaver Icon Auras
Skins: WeakAura Skins

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Demon Hunter Interface Resources

Demon invasions are live even in Europe now, and with it came a horde of Demon Hunters! I happily logged on to my new fresh DH only to burn my eyes on an ugly default UI. While I’m not planning to devote that much time on my Demon Hunter (Monk for life), I do want all my alts to have a functional and pretty UI. So I got to work!


Demon Hunter UI Step 1 – Textures

So I use some custom textures for unit frames and progress bars – so step 1 is to install them. Download the textures in my Gumroad shop (it’s free, just set price to $0):

Textures Image

Download Felfire Textures on my Gumroad (FREE)

Download the following addons (unless you already have them):

Follow the instructions and install the textures with SharedMedia (there’s a small guide that comes along with the texture package). The textures should now show up in the texture drop-down menu on all your addons.

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Old Patreon Rewards Available

Since Europe does not get the Demon Invasions, Demon Hunters, love and affection until tomorrow (lucky ‘muricans!), I’ve had time to set up a small store on Gumroad for my old Patreon rewards. Now’s the time to freshen up your UI!

Obtaining My Old Rewards Option 1: Gumroad

Gumroad is a very easy-to-use digital shop, where you can buy all my old Patreon rewards.

My Gumroad Digital Shop

  • The rewards are sent in entire monthly packages (a.k.a. each package contain ALL the rewards from that month) at a price of $35.
  • Midnight, Minonan and Cyber are sold at a price of $30 due to not having the Texture Package and Border Package (those are a later invention).
  • Patreon rewards are uploaded on Gumroad one month after its initial release. This is to keep the benefit of being a patron.
  • Royal UI will be up in the beginning of September.

Obtaining My Old Rewards Option 2: Patreon

This option is not yet available, but I hope making it it live in the near future. The idea is that there will be a sixth tier on Patreon at $35, where you get the latest UI + one old. So, if you pledge for this tier, you get all the newest reward and a voucher for my Gumroad shop where you can choose from my archive of old rewards. It’ll be a more affordable alternative than buying directly from Gumroad, but require a little patience since the rewards will not be sent out until 1-7th of the next month.

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Mistweaver Hotfixes and More Tea, Please

I’m lagging a little bit behind the news cycle, but better late than never! Mistweavers have received hot fixes since the launch of pre-patch that I’d like to talk about with a big cup of steaming hot tea. A double, with something extra, please.

First of all, I’m sorry I haven’t been able to get back to all of you on the comments and updating more on the blog. I’ve been hit by a wave of exhaustion for a while now that mere sleep haven’t been able to cure. I haven’t been able to do all the updates I wanted to do, but I hope my slower pace is understandable. I’ll get there, eventually, but maybe not as quickly as I once used to (my passion for Mistweavers is ever-growing though!)

Mistweaver Hotfixes and Updates

It’s obviously a bit of a disappointment that the Statue hasn’t its own duration of the Soothing Mist channel, I quite liked that. The talent still has value though, due to being the only talent in that tier that boosts single target healing (though I recommend to always combine it with Mist Wrap), which is often need when healing dungeons.

EDIT: And statue has its own duration again. 

In other news, demon invasions will start soon (was it next week?). Be sure to not miss that, unique transmog will be available that is a MUST for all fashionable Mistweavers. I mean, even if you doesn’t like the sets as a whole, the parts can definitely contribute to customized transmog sets. That reminds me, I will need to update my transmog guide too… But first, tea. I think I need to drink my weight in tea to get past this exhaustion…

Challenge accepted.

Patreon July Complete – Art of the Royal

Updated for Patch 8.1.5

Thank you all who supported me on Patreon this July! The rewards packages containing the art has been sent out to eligible patrons, so here’s a small post to get you started on your new UI. I hope your creative journey will be awesome and rewarding!

Creating your own Royal UI

UI Promo - Themed Art Package Ver 2

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