Misty New Year!

It is New Year’s eve and a brand new year is about to start! It is time to look back on the year that has passed and make new resolutions for the future (which we only keep the first month, as per tradition!). I am not big on holidays, I like to keep it small and cozy with a close group of friends, but I also love sharing these times with you my readers!

How has the past year been for you? For me it has been a bit of a ride, but I remember the good parts mostly. There have of course been definite dips, mostly tied to my financial situation (but that is nothing unusual for anyone), but I’d like to think of all the good this year has brought. For example, The Misty Teahouse has grown and many have joined my little teahouse corner to discuss our favourite class and spec. You guys have been wonderful and it makes me so happy that you loved my new teahouse theme, I feel so motivated to continue creating and designing all kinds of Mistweaver things!

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The New MistyTeahouse Theme is Live!

The new MistyTeahouse theme is live!

Is it done, though? No! I will probably, pedantic as I am, work on the details right until the moment I find myself in the need of a new theme, which I hope is not until a year or more. Actually, I am quite satisfied with how the new theme turned out on the whole, though it still need some polishing.

Well, what’s new then? Let me present; the new theme has made a cosmetic change to the previous content, since I’ve also been able to access the source code to the site by emigrating it from a wordpress.com domain to a wordpress.org (though the MistyTeahouse address remains the same), but I’ve also managed to add some nifty features that makes the site run more smoothly. For example, page jumps should roll you down the page instead of jumping, and I’ve added wowhead tooltips (which, at the moment, needs some attention because the tooltips are rendering a bit weird. But I’ll get to that!), lightbox views of images, and so on.

New features will roll in as soon as I get used to having so much freedom to customize. There’s yet still much to learn! But the next step will be to update some site content before I dig in to any new projects. Then, Legion beta should start rolling again at the beginning of January (we hope!), which happens to be at the same time I have two exams, so that will probably be a little stressful. I do feel very happy with the new site, and I hope you love it as much as I do. Have a look around and see how the new changes look and let me know what you think!

Misty Teahouse Under Construction


Hello my dear readers!
As you might can see, the Teahouse is looking rather strange. This is due to the site is being exported to a self-hosted server, which basically means that I can finally start editing the source code. Currently, I have a preliminary theme while I work on the actual theme. So yeah, stuff will look weird for some time.  But please be patient, I will do my very best to make it look awesome in the end.

Hopefully, I have the new site up and running before New Year, but expect some minor oddities until then. It should be functional in the meanwhile!

Thank you for you patience, you are the best <3

Happy Holidays!

Greeting card

Happy holidays; Winter’s Veil, Christmas, Hanukkah, EVERYTHING!! I hope you will have a wonderful and tranquil holiday without any mishaps or gift catastrophes (you never know!). I for one will celebrate with my family, and in Sweden we do this weird thing and celebrate on the late evening of the 24th. It is usually very dark and cosy with an open fireplace. No snow this year, though!? What is this global warming? I don’t even.

I will have holiday over Christmas and past New Year, and since Legion alpha is down at that time period, there will not be many Legion-related posts. I do however have the ambition to update the blog a little; but since it’s all a bit tentative on how successful I’ll be, I’ll keep it under wraps for now. Fingers crossed, guys.

Oh, and I have seen Star Wars (no spoilers, promise!), and it was wonderful. You must see it, so that one day we can talk about it without spoiling it. *whispers* doo iiiit….

But for now, I hope you’ll have a wonderful weekend and remember to give extra love to all you see! Bye bye~

New Alpha Build – Tier 19 and Talent changes

Good morning! The new alpha build has been datamined and it is filled with all kinds of new stuff and changes. I don’t know why, but it feels a bit like Christmas come early whenever we get new information. Anyway, without further ado, let’s dig into it!

Courtesy of Wowhead and MMO Champion~

Spell changes log

  • Effuse‘s cast time has been reduced to 1 sec down from 1.5 sec.
  • Our Mastery: Gusts of Mists has been given a better description:
    • “Your Effuse, Renewing Mist, Enveloping Mist, and Vivify also cause a gust of healing mists, instantly healing the primary target for [0.01% of Spell Power].”
  • Thunder Focus Tea‘s cooldown has been reduced to 30 sec, down from 45 sec. It only empowers Effuse by 100% instead of 200% now.

Talent Changes

Talents New

They have moved them around! Mistwalk is now a level 15 talent and only compete with Zen Pulse and Chi Burst! I am so happy I’m gonna die!

  • Focused Thunder now only empowers your next 2 spells, down from 3.
  • Lifecycle‘s mana reduction has been reduced to 20% down from 30%.
  • Mana Tea is now a level 100 talent, previously level 15, and has increased cooldown to 1.5 min up from 1 min.
  • Mistwrap is now a level 90 talent, instead of level 45 talent.
  • Mistwalk is now a level 15 talent, instead of level 100 talent.
  • Soothing Elegance is now a level 45 talent, instead of a level 100 talent.
  • Summon Jade Serpent Statue is now a level 100 talent, instead of a level 90 talent.

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Misty Tea Talk

Tea TalkHello everyone! I am sorry for my slight disappearance; I have been swamped in IRL stuff, while longing to go back to alpha news and other secret projects that I’m working on. Now that I have some breathing room, it is time for some misty tea talk. What has been happening on the alpha since we last talked and what the heck have I been doing?

To kick off, alpha is progressing nicely, and while there haven’t been any new builds so far (though, one is right around the corner), we’ve had the opportunity to see some lucky people play and stream the alpha. In the last post, I linked some very interesting videos regarding the Mistweaver gameplay, the Class Hall and Artifact acquisition quests, etc. My second hand impression of looking at these videos is that Mistweavers seem to be really versatile, and hopefully, “niched” healers will be a thing of the past; all healers have the tools to do all kinds of encounters. In other words, some healer classes will not be benched because they cannot handle a specific situation. This is great, because then you can really focus on one class to master and it will really simplify raid setups.

The interesting part yet to come is an explanation of how the new healing philosophy will be in Legion. We haven’t heard anything official, but one can get a very vague impression just by looking at spells and talents. My prediction is that they want us to use more of our toolkits – a.k.a. not spam our only AoE heal. If we look at the gear – so far no spirit in sight. Spirit is on our character panel, but it seems like we will not be able to increase it with gear. Mana will be an important issue through all the expansion then, since mana regen won’t scale, only the strength of our spells. And our AoE heal, Essence Font, is not exactly spammable; it has no cooldown, but 1) it costs a lot of mana and 2) it gives up to a potential of 18 people a HoT you do not want to override by spamming. So, I am guessing we will have to work into a rotation with Vivify and hopefully some efficient single-target gameplay. This sounds great to my ears, because the more viable spells we have in a raid setting, the more strategic choices we have to make. BUT (!) this is just my predictions and it is early alpha – we will see how it pans out!

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Mistweaver Video Compilation

Panda bannerIn the absence of my own Alpha key, I have been glued to Youtube videos of other’s play-through of the Mistweaver spec. Since Mistweaver seems to be the only healer class available at the moment, there is a lot of videos to pick and choose from. So, in this post I’ll share some of my favourites, and you can pick and choose, and watch them at your own leisure. Enjoy!

Class Hall and Artifact Intro

Mistweaver Preview

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Alpha News! And Spoilers!

Deepwind GorgeThe alpha has transitioned beyond the Demon Hunter starting zone, and we have finally seen footage of the world in Legion. Notably, the Mistweaver quest for the new Class Hall and the acquisition quest for Sheilun! I have collected some information from various sources and pooled it here for your perusal.

Warning! Major spoilers ahead, including Monk Class Hall and Sheilun quest chains. If you want them to remain a complete surprise, stop reading now! You have been warned.


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