Breakfast at Peak of Serenity – Gear Models

Peak of SerenityIwowx4-artwork-91-fulln the coming dawn of a new expansion, it is only pertinent to discuss what new content will come – because let’s face it, we have already left Draenor behind, at least in our minds (I know I think more often of Legion than current content). One possible change that has been little discussed is gear models. Or are they called archetypes? Whichever – I am talking about the base model of our gear. Every expansion we see more and more detail to the textures, but not much actual development of the base model.

If we look at the original sketches of tier sets, we can see a whole look that has only vaguely come across in the game. Shoulders and head gear are the most developed ones, while the chest piece often looks flat and formless. I know that the game is over 10 years old and there’s a limit of how much one can expect of it to perform graphic-wise. But we have seen development in some parts of the gear models – can’t we expect the same on chest pieces? Or preferably, every gear piece?

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Mistweaver Discussion – The Future of Mistweavers

Serpent healerIn the episode of Monk Meditation that I participated in, we touched on the subject of what we want to see in Legion regarding Mistweavers. This is such an interesting topic that I’d like to expand a little on it. I recommend reading this post with a good cup of tea and some time on your hands because brevity is not my strong suit when it comes to all things Mistweaver. But hopefully it will give you some new insight!

Let’s start with what we know.

The Current Mistweaver Fantasy

There are a few things that have always been a part of the Mistweaver fantasy, the very core of the spec. First of all, Mistweavers mainly use shrouds of mists to heal their allies and redirect chi flows. In their toolkit they have tea to regain mana, and brews to bolster their defenses. In addition, Mistweavers have the ability to go full martial art combatant, while healing their allies with the completely logical and pertinent Eminence ability.

Mechanic-wise, Mistweavers have generally been designed for spread rather than spot healing when it comes to AoE (compare to Shaman’s Chain Heal, which hits fewer targets but with greater strength). Eminence works the same way – a million flitting and small heals that spreads randomly over the whole raid. Since we have been niched for spread, we’ve always had an element of RNG. Renewing Mist can be partly controlled, with the first application. But to avoid having to spend 15 GCDs on blanketing the raid with Renewing Mist, part of it works as a smart heal and spreads automatically to targets on low health. Neither Uplift nor Eminence are hard-hitters; they are spells that heals a little but across the whole raid. As such, Mistweavers prefer encounters where the damage hits everyone, and often.

That is a brief summary of how Mistweaver works now. But what do we know of the future?

Legion Announcements (so far)

Excerpts from MMO and Developer Interviews.


  • There will be a heavy focus on class identity in Legion. Every class should feel different.
  • The team has learned some lessons from how Fistweaving works now and will talk about what they are doing to solve the problems with it in the future.
  • Sheilun, Staff of the Mists – Mistweaver Monks will go to Pandaria to seek out the staff of Emperor Shaohao. The variants have Pandaren influences such as the Red Crane, Jade Serpent, or Sha.

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How to Kill Time before Legion

LegionLogo_lessglowWith the announcement of another patch ahead of us, it is likely that we will not see Legion for a few months. And when I say few, I mean a lot. First there will be a PTR for the 6.2.3 patch, then the patch will be live for a few months. Then beta testing for Legion, and somewhere at the horizon we will actually get Legion. As your very generous Mistweaver writer, I will share some tips with you of how you can kill time until Legion. Or at least make time squeal a little.

Transmog Runs – How to Look Fashionable

Terrace of Endless SpringIn Legion, we will see a makeover of how the Transmog system works. First of all, it will be a menu – something like the one in Diablo. That is, we will not need to have the gear in our bags or in the Void storage to be able to transmog to it, it should be enough to either have equipped it or seen it once (depending on how they design the system). All hail our newly won bag space!

The question is – is the new Transmog system account-wide or not? If so, it would be possible to go several transmog runs on alts, and gather up legacy sets in the manner of a day or two. It would also mean that we don’t have to load up our poor Mistweaver character with all possible leather transmog there is – alts can share the burden until Legion hits.

If you have an urgent need to look fashionable, take a look at my Monk Transmog page and my Custom Transmog page as well! Wowhead also have a list of transmog available for Monks (also encompassing levelling sets).

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I was in a Podcast! – Monk Meditation

I was in a Podcast and I was super nervous – but it was fun! A Mistweaver roundtable in Monk Meditation, with host Chaithi, co-host Monkioh of Midwinter and theorycrafter Geodew. We talk about Mistweavers in HFC, Legion and a lot of fun stuff. Have a look!

If I seem twitchy, it was because I had been awake for 17 hours, high on caffeine, nervous, and it was recorded 2-3 a.m. European time. I was really happy that I actually even made sense. Mission accomplished!

Everybody on the podcast was super nice and we had a lot of fun. Could definitely see myself guest another podcast someday.

UI Addiction Part 2: Again, Dammit!

Have you ever played the indie game Journey on PS3 or PS4? It is, hands down, the most beautiful game ever created. There’s no comparison when it comes to music, art and story. As I was tanking in my Brewmaster spec, I realised I wanted my UI to have some of the textures that can be seen in Journey. One, two, three, and a creative avalanche had set off. I brushed up my custom textures for the Brewmaster spec, and as I was admiring it, I knew I had to copy it to all my other specs. So… A few hours later, and my UI now looks shiny and new. Again. Thank my addiction.

UI Love - SerpentUI Love - CraneUI Love - TigerUI Love - Ox

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Brushing up on Proving Grounds and Else

Arena of Annihilation

We are in a phase where every guild, that is still raiding, is progressing but not much else is happening. The wait for Blizzcon is excruciatingly long. No, in fact, it is longer than that. In the eve of boredom, what shall we do to endure this wait? Well, I for one, have been brushing up on my Proving Grounds skills. For you who don’t know, I transferred to Draenor EU and became horde Panda. On my new server, there was a Mistweaver who had a few more points than me in PG. Competitive as I am, I promptly broke that record (at wave 65). In the process, I broke the best Healer record on the server as well. Go figure. But I still have my eyes at wave 70!

After my PG session, I took a peek at my PG guide and noticed that it needed some brushing up. So I have been dusting it up and polished it a little, added some more information about gear choice, macros and such. Images have been updated and I have also proof-read the guide, since I am usually very lazy about such things and I figured… Well, I have to do it sometime! Below you can find the links. Notice that I have renamed “The Healing Guide” to “Preparation Guide” for the sake of clarity.

Misty Teahouse’s Healing Proving Grounds Guide

Preparation Guide – Here you’ll find useful advice on talents, glyphs about your team and the enemies you’ll meet.

Bronze Strategy – Wave setup for Bronze, including strategy breakdown

Silver Strategy – Wave setup for Silver, including strategy breakdown

Gold Strategy – Wave setup and cooldown distribution for Gold, including strategy breakdown

Endless (30) – Wave setup and cooldown distribution for Endless (uptil wave 30), including strategy breakdown

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The Art of Model Auras

Model auras

I still get many requests for my recent WeakAuras, but since many of them are custom made, there’s a lot of hassle to share and export (sigh). However, I’m more than happy to show you how I’ve made them. Really, there’s no special magic in the works, only time consuming work. So, today I’ll talk a little about Model auras. They are the fancy, sparkly spell animations you can see on some parts of my UI.

Model Auras are a type of auras that show an animation instead of an icon, texture or progress bar. If you open up the WeakAura menu, go to “New”.

Model Auras - 1

Click on “Model”, and you’ll create a new Model Aura. In the “Display” tab, click on the button “Choose” to make the menu pop up.

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