Tanaan Jungle 6.2


If you don’t want any spoilers whatsoever about what happens in the next patch, I’d suggest to stop reading here.

Oh, you’re continuing. Hello, then! My fingers were itching for some writing so I thought I’d update about what I do in the PTR at the moment. While I haven’t been able to try out Hellfire Citadel, I have been running around in Tanaan Jungle, which is the new level 100-zone-only in patch 6.2. To get to this new awesome zone, you have to build your own shipyard first. Let me walk you through it.

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UI Addiction, the lost cause

Status; Citrus Rooibos

The Mistweaver have been silent for a while. It is because the Mistweaver found herself in a deep dark hole called user interface addiction and couldn’t dig herself out until the screen was covered in jade mist and mysterious symbols that meant nothing unless you had the secret cheat note. The Mistweaver has currently seen a spot of light and can communicate with the outside world again. For a while, at least. The Mistweaver will stop talking about herself in third person now.

If you’ve seen my latest video, my Gruul mythic kill, you may have noticed that my UI looks about 300% more spaced out now with 200% more Monk references. Yeah, that’s what I’ve been doing the past days and it’s not even half of it. I may or may not have done an equal effort to pimp my Windwalker and Brewmaster UI in the same fashion.

“Hello, my name is Ashleah and I am a UI addict. It has been 20 minutes since I last tweaked my weakauras.”

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WeakAura Library – Major Update

Now that I’m back home I’ve finally added the Mistweaver Clock aura that everyone was screaming about. But I didn’t stop just there, I’ve updated every single aura I have in my library. Yes, it takes freaking hours to do. I’ve got black belt in patience.

Mistweaver Clock

If you want this WeakAura that hows Mana and Mana Tea stacks, head over to my;

WeakAura Library

Knock yourselves out! I will also provide a complete index over my auras after the jump.

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Jetlag and peeks of 6.2 with Mistweaver T18

Hello, my dear readers! I’m back from the US and I’ve had a great time. My feet will never look the same though, we walked all over Manhattan and Brooklyn and never used the subway. We ate really great food as well and had some awesome craft beers with it. All in all, we had a great time. But now I’m here and it’s really good to be back. I’ve missed swedish coffee. Starbucks gave us such weird looks when we ordered quadruple espresso.

I noticed I came back in the middle of the release of the initial patch 6.2 notes. How very exciting! I skimmed through it and noticed only a few nerfs for Crane stance in the Monk section. The exciting part however is T18 and the Archimonde class trinket.

A little disclaimer before I go on. This is the initial patch notes and everything is subject to change before the launch of the patch. Assume they will do some tweaking before then.

Mistweaver T18

The Mythic Look

The RF, Normal and Heroic Look
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Mistweaver Abroad

Hello guys, just wanted to give you a quick note before I leave. I’m going all the away to New York tomorrow! I’m so very excited (and a little bit scared). I’ve never been outside Europe before so it’s gonna be awesome and strange.

But that means I’m not going to update the blog until next Tuesday somewhere. The Blast Furnace commentary video has to wait a little. There’s also been a slight uproar after the latest video about my new Mana/Mana Tea WeakAuras. Guys, calm yourselves. It will go up on the blog for everyone when I’m done with it. I just don’t want to post it now when I know I will do 100 tiny changes on it before I’m completely satisfied. Do you want it to be perfect or half-assed? Patience, dear readers, find you inner Zen.

Meanwhile I’m gone, you can listen to the latest podcast of Monk Meditiation. Monkioh and Ranor guested there and my blog got a mention, so yay for that! But for now, I’m off. See you next week!

Zen Flight

Iron Maidens Commentary Video

Since I had really positive feedback on the format, I’ve continued with commentary videos. Here I’ve covered Iron Maidens heroic, and I also plan to talk about Blast Furnace in the next video. Are there any other bosses you are interested in hearing about? If so, give it a shout. Your feedback is very appreciated and it helps me create videos that can hopefully be of service to the Mistweaver community.