Blackhand Guide

BlackhandIt is finally done and published! My guide for the last boss of Blackrock Foundry; Blackhand, warlord of the Blackrock clan.

Blackhand Encounter Guide

The fight against Blackhand is the most fun encounter in this tier and it’s a perfect fit for Mistweavers. I had a blast doing it and if you haven’t done it yet, make sure to do it as soon as possible!

Now that I’m done with the encounter guides, I’m going to concentrate on my youtube videos and maybe even a few addon guides since so many are interested in how I’ve done my UI. Hopefully, you’ll like it :)

Tea Talk and Healer Exploration

My latest insanity project have consisted of levelling all the healer classes to level 100. This is technically not a new project since it has been an obsession since – wait, I’m going to need some tea for this.

Okay, one earl grey ready for drinking. So, ever since I started out as a Mistweaver I have loved the spec to bits and pieces. But back in the panda days, or more precisely 5.4 in this case, you were sort of a crazy person to main a fist-tornadoing melee healer. It was a new spec that had trouble finding its niche in the healer rooster, other than simply being able to throw some punches. Meanwhile, the Disc Priest were buffed beyond reason coupled with being the best-suited type of healer for the boss mechanics. Our health pools were relatively small back then and our heals relatively large. The raid’s health whiplashed back and forth in the matter of seconds. Disc’s shields were always used to full effect while throughput healers had to have reflexes quick as lightning to be able to heal anything at all.

Mistweaver healing was seldom used efficiently because of this, and I would argue that Shamans suffered somewhat of the same problem. Paladins still had shields and Druids HoT’s went into effect as soon as anyone’s health dropped. Holy Priests had their mana regen broken beyond repair and was incredibly hard to handle without going OoM (except the starshine that solo healed Garrosh!)

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Mistweaver Acrobatics

I took a break from writing guides and did a fun little video instead!

My cleaver readers might already know about these little Mistweaver tricks, but there could be some people out there who have missed it. New Mistweavers could also learn something too! But to be honest, I just wanted an excuse to do a fun video with silly music. Pandarens are hilarious to play around with.

As I have had it pointed out to me, one could argue that this is a *monk* acrobatics video, not just Mistweaver. But there is only one spec of Monks, so I have no idea what people are on about. What, brewers and windies? No idea, peeps.

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End Bosses of the Foundry Wings

The encounter guides for Blackrock Foundry’s Wing end bosses are finally done. You can now read the Mistweaver specific guides for Kromog, Iron Maidens and the Blast Furnace. So don your reading glasses and dig yourself into the mysterious ways of the Mistweaver in the fiery Foundry. The wing end bosses are the hardest bosses, bar Blackhand himself. Keep your brews and teas in check at all times.brf05

The Blast Furnace Encounter Guide

Kromog Encounter Guide

Iron Maidens Encounter Guide

The only guide I have left to write now is the Lord of Blackrock Clan, Blackhand. That guide will come eventually! I have a few other projects I am working on in the meanwhile. Can’t say I’m ever done writing or posting on this blog, haha.

Tea Mist and Blackrock Foundry Bosses

OregorgerI’m back from a shorter skiing holiday again! I hope you guys have missed me, because I’ve surely missed you. But I haven’t been sitting completely idly, or spent too much time on the after-skis, I’ve also been writing on my Blackrock Foundry guides! I’ve just completed another set of three bosses and I except to be finished with the next set of three within the week. Here they are;

Oregorger Encounter Guide

Flamebender Ka’graz Encounter Guide

Operator Thogar Encounter Guide

They really take time to make, so you might already know the basics of each fight. However, I keep expanding on the Mistweaver specific section for each Blackrock Foundry boss. You can still learn something by reading them, I hope!

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Additions to Addons and WeakAura Library

I’ve added some more addons and weakauras!

Added Addons

  • Clique
  • BLT Raid Cooldowns
  • Elvui – Shadow&Light
  • Mogit

Added WeakAuras

  • Chi Brew
  • Chi Torpedo
  • Mistweaver T17 2-set bonus – Mistweaving
  • Mistweaver T17 4-set bonus – Chi’ji’s Guidance

I am in a little bit of a hurry because I’m going away for a short skiing holiday and I haven’t packed in time. None of the addons or weakauras have any images attached yet, but I think you can manage. Let me know if the auras work or not! I won’t have proper internet for a week so I might not be able to fix anything until I get back. But if there are any problems, I’ll fix it then (but let’s hope it won’t be needed). I’ll still be able to check my twitter if you have any questions.

Anyway, until next week!