Blackrock Foundry Progression Order

Now that I’ve tested the majority of the Blackrock Foundry raid instance, I’m going to talk a little about progression order. It became clear after raiding in it for a while, coupled with a statement on MMO, that the intended progression order is not wing-per-wing but that you progress all three wings at the same time. As WatcherDev wrote:

“As for the structure of the zone, Foundry is a winged instance, in the style of Naxxramas or Icecrown Citadel in the past, and we intend for bosses to become more challenging the deeper into a given wing you go, but for the different wings to be largely equal in overall difficulty. Groups who jumped right into the Blast Furnace encounter after downing Gruul and Oregorger likely found themselves in over their heads, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that the Furnace encounter is “overtuned” — rather, in essence, you were skipping from bosses 1-3 all the way to bosses 7-9. The early bosses of other wings will offer a more suitable challenge, and will offer valuable item upgrades to help prepare you for the end bosses of each wing, and of course for Blackhand himself.”

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Blackrock Foundry Maps (Updated) and Boss Order

FoundryNow that it Blackrock Foundry has finally launched, I thought I’d update the maps I have on the raid. There hasn’t been much raiding for my part so far because the European servers have been having some serious issues and I got stuck on loading screen for a whole night (yay!). I’ve tested Gruul and Oregorger on Heroic, but that’s about it. It seems like fun anyway! But here are the maps of the entrance to Blackrock Foundry, and the maps of the inside.

Finding Your Way to the Entrance of BRF

Blackrock Foundry Map & Entrance

As you may or may not know, the Foundry lies within Gorgrond, close to the Pit. Fly to Skysea Point (or any of the other nearby flightpaths) and take yourself there. The entrance to Blackrock Foundry is at the east of the Pit, on the higher grounds.

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Advanced Mistweaving Strategy Guide is up!


*Deep breath* Okay, it’s finally complete. To tell you the truth I’m a little bit scared. I really hope you guys like it, and if you have any feedback that would also be welcome!

So, my dear readers, I’ve finally done with the very long and big project of writing a more advanced guide for Mistweavers. I’ve also redone the old Strategy guide a little bit and dubbed it “Basic Mistweaving Strategy”.

The old “Strategy” page is now –>

Basic Mistweaving Strategy


Advanced Mistweaving Strategy

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Mistweaver Discussion – Tier 17 “Battlegear of the Somber Gaze”

In the new raid Blackrock Foundry we will finally be able to get our spanking new tier gear; Battlegear of the Somber Gaze. Here I’ll discuss some aspects of the tier to give you an all-round look on the new gear.

The Basics

Tier 17

Normal-tuned ilvl 665
Head: Helm of the Somber Gaze
Stats: 154 Multistrike, 154 Haste
Token Drop: Kromog (The Black Forge, Blackrock Foundry)

Shoulders: Mantle of the Somber Gaze
Stats: 116 Multistrike, 116 Mastery
Token Drop: Operator Thogar (Iron Assembly, Blackrock Foundry)

Chest: Vest of the Somber Gaze
Stats: 135 Critical Strike, 165 Haste
Token Drop: Flamebender Ka’graz (The Black Forge, Blackrock Foundry)

Legs: Legwraps of the Somber Gaze
Stats: 165 Critical Strike, 135 Multistrike
Token Drop: The Blast Furnace (Slagworks, Blackrock Foundry)

Gloves: Handwraps of the Somber Gaze
Stats: 116 Critical Strike, 116 Mastery
Token Drop: Iron Maidens (Iron Assembly, Blackrock Foundry)

2 Set Bonus Discussion

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Mistweaver back in the Teahouse!

I am back from my holiday! Woho!

I’ve been skiing for a week in the mountains, which has been great. But now I’m back to do some blogging and there is so much to do! Blackrock Foundry will be released this wednesday, I have tons of topics I wish to write about and I hope my strategy guide will be complete soon and I’m so happy to be back and working again! I might be a bit addicted to this blog, but hey, whatever rocks your boat. Keep a look out for fun updates!