Highmaul Raid – Day 2

I know I’m a bit late with this post, but my officer’s duties has taken up much of my time lately. We had implemented a new looting system for the raid, based on classes’ best secondary stats. If I say it has caused so much chaos that entropy vortexes has opened in several places in Dreanor, I am not exaggerating. I’ve probably spent many hours trying to explain how the system works and putting out fires since some people take things maybe a little too personal and conflicts have flared up. My own projects have had to take a backseat the past days.

But it’s seems to have calmed down now, so I can finally do some work on my blog and give you a quick update. Well, apart from all the social chaos going around in the raid at the moment, we took down Tectus, Brackenspore and Twin Ogrons on the second day. These fights were amazingly fun and I really enjoyed them.

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Highmaul Raid – First Impression

Yesterday, my guild did a try at Heroic Highmaul. I thought I’d share some of my initial impressions of the raid and the new raid design.

To start off I want to give you some background on our guild. We were originally a 10-man guild who had become really tight at the end of MoP. When we realised that Mythic raiding was going to be set at 20 players, we knew we had to do some recruiting. And so we did. At the start it was a slow progress, but it started to snowball as we got more players. People wanted their friends to join and then people who heard about us wanted to join. Lo and behold, now were up at roughly 35 raiders.

We hadn’t expected it, but when the raid started we had to bench some people since 30 players is maximum for Normal/Heroic raiding. There was a lot of new people we hadn’t really seen in action, and a lot of old-timers who had been gone a long time. To be honest, we had no idea what to expect from the night.

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Proving Grounds Class Distribution

I saw on MMO Champion  a chart over class distribution in Proving Grounds. If you haven’t seen it, this is how it looks for healers:

PG Class dist

This is the class distribution over Proving Grounds Endless, “Any Endless Wave”; “10+ Endless Wave” and “20+ Endless Wave”. I just thought it fun to share the statistics, seeming how the percentage over Mistweavers is very low. It could indicate that Endless is really hard for Mistweavers and if you have done it, you’re really good!

The percentages are for 20+ waves:
Druid: 40.6%
Shaman: 25%
Paladin: 14.4%
Priest: 12.6%
Monk: 7.4%

So if a Druid says that he or she has done Endless, it is just wholly unimpressive. Try it as a Mistweaver :P