Highmaul “The Arcane Sanctum” Guide up!

The next batch of boss guides are up. The second wing of Highmaul, called the Arcane Sanctum consists of Tectus, Twin Ogron and Ko’ragh. Though I think Tectus should actually be part of the Walled City, since he standing on the outside of the sanctum! But Blizzard decided that they wanted equal number of bosses in each wing, so there you go.

Here are the guides:

Tectus Guide

Twin Ogron Guide

Ko’ragh Guide

You can also find the guides in Encounter Guides > Highmaul.

Now there is only Imperator Mar’gok to write about. It might take some time before I have finished that guide though, since it such a complex and long fight to cover. But I’ll get there!

Mistweaver Discussion – Mana Problems

You may have found yourself constantly running low on mana while raiding. This is not an uncommon problem, but there are many things one could do to prevent this. In this post I’ll be discussing some proactive methods to avoid this specific problem. You may find that some of the solutions might work for you, some might not. It depends on what causes your mana problems, and in extension, what solution will actually work for you specifically. Read through carefully and try the solutions that you think might be most effective for you. If it still doesn’t work, try them all!

Be Calm and Drink Mana Tea

mana TeaI know you already use Mana Tea, naturally. But how do you use it? And most importantly, when do you use it? It may seem like an emergency button to press once you are going OoM, but that is not the best way to use this ability. Since it does require 10 seconds to channel 20 stacks, it can be too late to use once you actually go OoM. You may not have the time to stop to channel, which could mean a wipe. This is why you should always use Mana Tea before you run out of mana.

A skilled Mistweaver will analyze the fight to determine which moments are best used for this. If you are in a raid, you can find those moment when another healer is using a big cooldown. Or when a boss is charging a certain ability and there is no incoming damage. Or perhaps when you have activated Xuen or cast a Life Cocoon it can be safe to channel. The most important thing is that you do not save Mana Tea stacks until you run out of mana, because if the party takes high damage at that point, you are done for. Try to channel Mana Tea whenever you are given the chance.

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Highmaul “The Walled City” Guide up!

Butcher - ChristmasI’ve finished the first three bosses for the Highmaul guide! Hurray! Okay, maybe it is a little bit late, but better late than never, right? I will also finish the rest of the boss guides soonish. They’re at least half-finished so it shouldn’t take too long. For now, check these out:

Kargath Bladefist Guide

The Butcher Guide

Brackenspore Guide

Maps of Draenor Raids

For you who has a bad sense of direction as I do, maps are the only thing that could possibly save us. Maybe not even then, but that’s besides the point. Anyway, I thought I’d do a short post and share the maps of Highmaul and Blackrock Foundry with some paths and directions. The map on Blackrock Foundry isn’t done quite yet, since I’m a little unsure of the paths. I never played the raid at Beta, so I have to wait until February until I get a complete grip on the surroundings. Until then, you’ll at least know where the bosses are located. Here they are!


Highmaul Map Paths 3

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Mistweaver Consumable Special

For you eager raiders I have written a little post about the best consumables available for Mistweavers. This will be a short post (okay, maybe not so short) discussing food, flasks, potions and enchants. If you are planning to raid and have given this subject little thought, I recommend you to read it.

Food – There is no “too much”

The best food you can get will give you 100 rating in a secondary stat. There is cheaper food that will give you 75 rating, which is also the main ingredient for making the better food in Cooking. I would recommend Multistrike food, but it is also feasible with Crit food (if you need better Mana Tea stacking).

The cheaper food can be made either with fish or meat. These are the Multistrike dishes:

Fiery CalamariFiery Calamari – 75 Multistrike
10 Fire Ammonite TentacleAmmonite Fire Tentacle

Rylak CrepeRylak Crepes – 75 Multistrike
5 Rylak EggRylak Eggs

The Crit dishes:

Grilled GulperGrilled Gulper – 75 Crit
10 Abyssal Gulper Eel FleshAbyssal Gulper Eel Flesh

Blackrock HamBlackrock Ham – 75 Crit
5 Raw Boar MeatRaw Boar Meat
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Misty Teahouse has Twitter

Misty Teahouse TwitterI have redone my old Twitter account to accommodate a new Misty Teahouse twitter. Yes, I am too lazy to create a whole new account. But all the names are changed anyway, and from today I solemnly swear to only tweet in English. I make no promises about puppies however.

Ashleah (Misty Teahouse) on Twitter!

Do no note that I’ve added a Widget in the right hand sidebar of the blog where the three latest tweets will show.

If you are interested, join the conversation and follow my account!

New Year approaching, new raid dawning

Christmas has passed here in Sweden, and I hope all my readers have had a very good holiday. In a few days it’ll be New Years eve, and whether that entails a big party or a cozy evening, I wish you all good year. Things to look forward in 2015 is that we will finally be able to put our teeth into the new raid Blackrock Foundry!

Admittedly, the raid will not open until the beginning of February. But there are somethings that should be prepared before that. Blackrock Foundry has three wings before the final boss Blackhand. These are Slagworks, The Black Forge and Iron Assembly. Each wing have three bosses, making the total of bosses in BRF to 10 bosses.

That is a lot of bosses. Most likely, your guild will require you to know all tactics of at least the wing your raid will start in. I really recommend to start studying for these bosses in January, at a even pace. Try to learn 2-3 bosses each week and you be properly prepared once the raid opens. Here’s a list of the bosses:

Slagworks: Gruul, The Blast Furnace and Oregorger

The Black Forge: Hans’gar&Franzok, Firebender Ka’graz and Kromog

Iron Assembly: Beastlord Darmac, Operator Thogar and Iron Maidens

Final Boss: Blackhand

FatbossTV is a good place to start. They have made videos from the Beta where they go through each boss’s abilities. IcyVeins is also a good place to go to, once they have made the guides (which they haven’t at this point, but I’m sure they’ll be up soon). Dayani, who is my favourite healer theorycrafter, will put up Blackrock Foundry guides on WowHead soon enough.

For now, the best is to watch the videos from Beta and screen the Dungeon Journal on each boss. The best tip I can give you is to make your own notes on each boss’s strategy. This helps you remember when the raid finally opens and you can add on the notes as you progress. It seems that Slagworks is the easiest wing at this point, and the wing that most guilds will start with.

You probably won’t need to start studying right away, but don’t let the lull of the holidays carry you too far. Soon, we will get to the real fun part so you need to be prepared!

I haz new computah, much wow

So the past two days, me and my boyfriend and a common friend have been assembling my new computer. It is small but fast and in a nice shade of red. Now I WoW is running really smoothly and I have zero lag and barely any loading screens. Though it was a struggle from the first hour to put it together. The computer marked itself as special-need from the get go to the very end. But yeah, after some tweaking it finally works now.

I’ve already tried raiding with it. I have been singing “a whole new world” ever since, haha. It really is a different feeling, I am completely in awe. Too bad the guild has a break from raiding now until January. But then we will continue to progress Highmaul Heroic and then in February Blackrock Foundry will finally be released. Then Mistweavers will finally get some gear with multistrike on! It has been a real pain that the only items that have our two best stat combo are two items from Imperator Mar’gok. I have really been starved on good gear.

Before that though, I will write some more on the guides I’m working on. Always something to do! But if you’re taking a break from WoW for the holidays, I wish you a merry Christmas and I’ll see you next year :) !


Highmaul Updates


So we’ve finally cleared Highmaul on normal tonight, after some serious reorganization in the guild. It takes up a lot of hours to fix a raid team and officers are completely spent, but we did it. So now we can progress some more HC (finally!), where we downed two bosses so far. The team we have right now seem pretty strong, so progression will hopefully snowball now that’s the Butcher is down.

As for the Mistweaver spec, I’ve been trying to optimize my raid healing. A short summary of how I work is: Renewing Mist/Surging Mist for Chi and then spam Uplift if the raid take damage, otherwise Enveloping Mist on the tank. I use Rushing Jade Wind if I have a tightly stacked group I can stand in, but I don’t use it very often since it’s so mana expensive. If I have time, I use Expel Harm as often as I can to be conservative with mana.

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Heroic Dungeon Guides up!

witherbark view

This project has taken many, many hours but it is finally done! I’m so happy and proud to share these with you, and I really hope they’ll be of use.

These are guides to Draenor Heroic Dungeons, but they can add to your base knowledge of each encounter, both trash and bosses, which is very helpful when doing Challenge Modes as well! In each encounter, I have described the general tactics with a focus on healing strategy. I’ve also added useful tips sepcific to Mistweavers, for both Serpent Stance and Crane Stance.

In the Crane tactics I have covered some of the assigments that melee DPS usually have. Since you will be doing some damage anyway, it might be useful to know kill orders and what spells to interrupt etc.

Heroic Auchindoun

Heroic Bloodmaul Slag Mines

Heroic Everbloom

Heroic Grimrail Depot

Heroic Iron Docks

Heroic Shadowmoon Burial Grounds

Heroic Skyreach

Heroic Upper Blackrock Spire

If there any misspells or other errors, notify me and I’ll fix them immediately!

Now, do some reading and study up! I hope you’ll like them :)