WoD Healing Philosophy

A new expansion is at the horizon and of course, many changes are about to happen. To healers this will mean a start at something new, because healing will not be the same as in Mists. Warlords healing philosophy has been a hot topic to cover, and there are many posts and discussions revolving around the new changes. In this post I’ll will discuss parts of it and how it affect mistweavers.

Single Target Healing - here we come!
Single Target Healing – here we come!

Taepsilum did an extensive post in the forums about Blizzard’s goals with Warlords healing. And it looks like Warlords will be much more fun than Mists regarding healing. First off, at the end of Mists, we had too much regen and the only viable strategy was to spam AoE heals. Since our health pool was small compared to our heals, we could top everyone off pretty quickly. This also meant that single target heals were less useful since AoE did the same job, faster, and raid-wide. On top of that we had a plethora of smart heals that always healed the most injured raid member, making strategic choices redundant.

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MW Strategy guide up!

Zen sphereI’ve finally finished my strategy guide for mistweavers! Also, added a page with a few suggestions to what addons to use. You can find it here. Hopefully you’ll find the read useful and entertaining. It seems to me that there can’t be too many mistweavers guides, since it is such a new class and people doesn’t seem to have any clue what monks are about unless they’ve tried it themselves. Which is just too bad because they’re missing out on a lot of fun!

I’ve actually added a “mistweaver raid utility” section in the guide, just to emphasize that MWs actually have raid utility, even though it is not as plentiful as other classes. But it’s something!

Anyway, I hope my guide will give som inspiration to all the Mistweavers out there! Next up I’m going to do a Proving Grounds guide and a Transmog guide. But it might be a while before they’re finished. With WoD looming in the horizon I’m going to focus on the upcoming changes for monks. Will be posting about it soon!

Updates galore!

The site is slowly coming along. I have now started working on the mistweaver guide and it is coming along nice! I will continue updating the site, add some nice illustrations and such the following days. After that I’ll try to get in some Warlords update on the mistweaver spec and discuss all the new changes. Really, the debate on beta is raging so I’m going to try and see if I can make some sense of it.

I realise that I will have to update the site soon again to accommodate the Warlords changes, but I see this as an exercise! So meanwhile, take a look at this;

Mistweaver Guide