Lesson 3: Cooldown Aura

3 - Cooldown Aura

Hello and welcome to part 3 of my WeakAura School. Today I’m going to teach you how to build your own Cooldown Aura. I will use Revival as template, but the principles of making a cooldown aura remains the same for any cooldown. You can use this guide to make a cooldown aura for any spell you’d like. Let’s get started!

If you are unsure of how the WeakAura menu works, take a look in my basic tutorial of WA in part one of my guide.

The finished product will look like this, on and off cooldown;

Finished Product

To-do list

  1. (“New“) Create a new Group.
  2. (“New“) Create a new Icon aura.
  3. (“Trigger“) Set trigger to Revival, show off cooldown.
  4. (“Display“) Change size and disable ‘stacks’ text.
  5. Duplicate the Icon aura to a second identical one.
  6. (“Trigger“) Change trigger on the new Icon aura to on cooldown.
  7. (“Display“) Desaturate the icon.
  8. (“New“) Create a new Progress bar.
  9. (“Trigger“) Set trigger to Revival, show on cooldown.
  10. (“Display“) Change size, color and text effects of the Progress bar.
  11. (“Animations“) Make the auras Fade in and Fade out when transitioning.
  12. (“Load“) Set it to load only when on a Monk with the Mistweaver spec.

(1) Start off by opening the Weakaura menu with the command /wa. Create a new Group and name it; Revival CD. This will be the aura that shows when Revival is not on cooldown.

(2) Go to “New” again and this time create a new Icon. Name it; Revival Off CD and put it in the new group (if you are unsure how, look it up in part one of my guide).

(3) We will start with the most important thing; the triggers. Go to the Icon aura’s trigger tab. Change the “Type” into Status, in the drop down menu. Another drop down menu pops up called Status. Go to “Cooldown Progress (Spell)” in the new menu.

Type in “Revival” in the Spell text field. The “Show” setting should be set to Not on Cooldown. The trigger tab should now look like this;

Icon 1 Trigger

(4) Go to the “Display” tab and you can find width and height by scrolling down to the bottom of the tab. Change it to whatever size you like, for example 50×50.

There’s a number “1” on our Icon that we want to remove. The default setting is that the aura shows stacks (hence the number), which we can disable at the top of the Display tab. There’s a “%s” in the Text field. Just replace it with a blank space and the stack number should be removed.

(5) You can easily create a new identical Icon aura by right-clicking on it and select “Duplicate”. It’s a nice shortcut when doing Cooldown auras!


The new Icon aura will be our aura that pops up when Revival is on cooldown. Rename it to “Revival On CD”.

(6) Go to the new Icon auras Trigger tab (make sure the right aura is selected in the list of auras to the left). This aura should have the same trigger settings as the other one, with one exception. Set “Show” to -> On Cooldown.

(7) Go to the Display tab. Enable “Desaturate” to make the icon gray. You can find this option near the top of the Display tab.

(8) Now we’re going to make the progress bar. Go to “New” and select Progress Bar. The default progress bar doesn’t look anywhere near what we’re after, but that’s fine. We’re going to change it! Put the new Progress bar in the Revival CD group and rename it to “Revival Progress”.

(9) Believe it or not, but the progress bar should have the exact same trigger settings as the desaturated icon aura. Therefore, set it to;

Status; Cooldown Progress (Spells), Spell; Revival, Show; On Cooldown, as we did before.

(10) Now for the magic. Go to the Progress bar’s Display tab. We’re going to start by turning the progress bar right side up.
Set “Orientation” to -> Top to Bottom. Then tick the Inverse option. Now the bar fills upward, instead of depletes downward!
Rotate Text should be set to None.
If your aura is not showing the proper Icon, you can deselect “Automatic Icon” and then search on Revival to find the correct one.

Okay, so there’s still too much text and an icon we want to remove. Scroll down a bit in the Display tab and deselect both the “Icon” option and the “Top text” option. We don’t need them, only the Bottom Text should be enabled!

You can change the text settings to your liking. Here’s my settings;
Font; Old Cyrillic
Font Flags; Outline
Font Size; 12
Text Color; #00ff8d (you can paste the color code in the Color Picker window).
But you can set it to any option you’d like!

At the bottom we can find Width and Height. Set it to the exact same size as your Icon auras. In my case, it’s 50×50. Now the Progress bar should be close to what we’re after, but not quite.

Go back up again to the top of the Display tab.

Set Bar Texture to “BantoBar” in the drop down menu (“Smooth” is also quite nice). You can find this menu at the very top of the Display tab.

In the Bar Color Settings, you can change color and alpha (transparency) of your Progress bar. Set it to a color and a transparency setting of your liking. I use this color #02ffb8 and a 90% alpha setting.

Your Display tab should look something like this then, in all its glory;

Progress Bar Display tab
Click to embiggen!

Here’s a summary of your individual auras’ looks and triggers;


(11) We’re almost done! Now we’re gonna set the transitions, a.k.a. make the auras fade in and out when they pop up and disappear on the screen. We could repeat this process on each individual aura, or we can be smart about it. If we select the whole group in the list to the left (you select it by just clicking on it), we can do changes to all of the group’s children at the same time. So, click on the Group and then go to the group’s Animation tab.

If we make any changes here, all of the individual auras in the group will get the same settings. Hurray for short cuts! Change the settings to this;

Type; Preset
Preset; Fade In

Type; None

Type; Preset
Preset; Fade Out

(12) One last touch is to set the the weakaura to load only when we’re on a Monk in the Mistweaver spec. Do this by going to the “Load” tab (still have the Group selected).

Player Class; Monk
Talent Specialization; Mistweaver (or Specialization 2)

Congratulations! You’ve created your own Cooldown aura! You can use this guide to create any kind of cooldown aura you like, just replace the spell “revival” in triggers with the spell you want. Hopefully this guide wasn’t too difficult to follow, I’m open to feedback! And as always, if you are unsure of any of the basics of WeakAuras, go to part one of my guide.

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