Lesson 2: Simple Proc Aura

2 - Simple Proc AuraHello and welcome to part 2 of my WeakAura School. If you haven’t read up on the Basics (Part 1) do so here.

In this part I’ll teach you how to build your own proc aura. A proc aura is a texture or icon that pops up on your screen to relay a type of information, for example that a certain spell is ready to be used or that your health is at a certain percentage. You can program it to trigger to anything you like.

Here I’m going to show you how to build a proc aura that triggers when you have 18 or stacks of Mana Tea. This is to help remind you to channel the tea before you hit max number of 20, and therefore not waste any potential stacks. The final product will look like this;


To build this aura we have to go through a number of steps. Here’s the to-do list;

  1. (“New”) Create a new Icon aura.
  2. (“Trigger”) Set the trigger (the condition for it to pop-up on your screen) to show when you have 18 or more stacks of Mana Tea.
  3. (“Display”) Change width and height of the Icon and remove stack numbers displayed. Change the icon.
  4. (“Animation”) Set the animation to fade when it pops up or disappears.
  5. (“Actions”) Add glow.
  6. (“Load”) Set it to load only when in the Mistweaver spec and when in combat.

(1) So, we’ll start by creating a new Icon aura. You can do this by opening up the weakaura menu with the command /wa. You’ll get the “New” menu up by default. Here’s a list of different types of weakauras you can choose to create. Click on “Icon” to create a new Icon aura. It’ll pop up in the left-hand column where all of your created weakauras will be listed.

Click on your new aura. You can name it to “Mana Tea proc” and then click enter. When you have selected the aura, a new menu will pop up on the right-hand. You’ll see five tabs; Display, Trigger, Load, Actions and Animations. Go to the Trigger tab.

(2) Here you’ll set the conditions for your weakaura to show. We want it to show when we have 18 or stacks of Mana Tea. Mana Tea is a buff on the player, which means we want an “Aura” type trigger. Auras are either buff or debuff triggers.

“Aura” pops up as your default setting. The only thing you have to do is to type in “Mana Tea” in the Aura name or ID. Now our aura will pop up when we have any stacks of Mana Tea. But we want it to only show when we have 18 or more stacks. There an option called “Stack counts” further down in the Trigger window. Enabling this option means we can regulate it. Write in “18” in the Stack Count text field and set the Operator as “>=”. Now our weakaura will only pop up on “>=18”, that is, 18 or more stacks. It should look like this;


If you want your weakaura to trigger on any other buffs, just write the spell name in the Aura name or ID. Here’s a list of available operators and what they mean (using 10 stacks as example);

<10 “Less than 10 stacks”
<=10 “Equal to or less than 10 stacks”
=10 “Exactly 10 stacks”
>10 “More than 10 stacks”
>=10 “Equal to or more than 10 stacks”
!=10 “Not equal to 10 stacks”

It’s the same principle on “Remaining time”, shown in seconds.

(3) We want to change the look of our Icon now. Anytime you want to change the look or set the exact coordinates on a weakaura, you go to the “Display” tab.

Close to the bottom of the Display window, we can find “width” and “height”. You can set it to any size you want, but I’d like to go with 40×40. Remember to press Enter when you’ve typed in the size (or just use the slider).

If you want to change the look of the icon or it for some reason just look like a big question mark, you can change that by disabling “Automatic Icon” at the top of the window. Click on “Choose” and then search for the icon you want. For example, if you want the Mana Tea icon, search on “Mana tea” and it’ll pop up!

The next thing we want to do is to remove the numbers on the icon that shows stacks. We just want the icon clean and fresh. At the top of the Display tab you can find something called “Text” set at %p. If you hover over the text field you can see what the different settings mean.

%p – Progress – The remaining time of a timer, or a non-timer value.
%t – Total – The maximum duration of a timer, or a maximum non-timer value.
%n – Name – The name of the display (usually an aura name), or the display’s ID if there is no dynamic name.
%i – Icon – The icon associated with the display.
%s – Stacks – The number of stacks of an aura (usually).
%c – Custom – Allows you to define a custom Lua function that returns string value to be display.

Blank space – Shows nothing.

Since we want it to not display any text at all, we just put in a blank space and click enter. The Display tab should look like this;


(4) Our WeakAura is working as it should now, but we also want it to look good. For starters, when the aura appear it pops up in a flash. If we want a smoother fade in, we go to the Animations tab. Here we can set it to “Fade in” and “Fade out”.

There are three stages of the animation you configure.
The start – when the aura first appears
The main – when the aura is active
The finish – when the aura disappears.

Since we want a simple fade in and fade out we can set the Start and the Finish on “Preset”. A drop-down menu will appear to the right. You’ll get a list of pre-made animations to choose from. Choose “Fade in” on Start and “Fade Out” on Finish. The tab should look like this;


(5) We also want the weakaura to glow! This we configure in the Actions tab.

Focus on the section that’s called “On Show”. There’s an option called “Button Glow” that you can enable. Make sure that “Glow Action” is also set on “Show”.

Now we must specify what frame should glow. Click on “Choose” and your cursor will light up. You can simply click on your weakaura out on your screen and it will automatically pop up a text in the text field that says “WeakAuras:Mana Tea Proc”.  You can of course type in the text if you want, but it’s much easier to just click on the aura. Your tab should look like this now;


Reload your UI to make the glow appear on your weakaura!

(6) Final step now guys! So, we want this weakaura to only load when we are a Monk in our Mistweaver spec. Of course, you can skip this option because no other spec have a buff called “Mana Tea” and will therefore never trigger it. But to save some computer power, let’s just make the weakaura never load unless it meets those requirements.

Go to the Load tab. Here we have a number of options. You could say that the Load tab function a bit like the Trigger tab in the way that it sets some requirements on the aura to make it pop up on your screen. But Trigger sets what spells and such must be active or deactive to make it appear, while the Load tab sets it on specs, zones and if you are in combat or not.

Let’s start with Class and Spec. Set the “Player Class” to Monk and “Talent Specialization” to Mistweaver (sometimes it only appears as “Spec 1” etc. Mistweaver is the 2nd spec).

At the top of the tab we can also find the option for Combat. As default it is disabled, which means that it doesn’t matter if you are in combat or not; it will still load. If you click on it, you can rotate between three options.

Combat disabled Combat in Combat out

We want it to be on the green option “In Combat”. This means the aura won’t pop up when we’re out of combat, and are completely disinterested to know if we’re above 18 stacks of Mana Tea or not. Our Load tab should now look like this;


CONGRATULATIONS! You’ve made your own simple proc aura! You can position it anyway you like on the screen just by clicking and dragging it.

This is the first part of my WeakAura School series and I’d very much like to hear what you think of it. I’ll start with the basics and there will be a lot of hand holding, but as I progress, I will show you more advanced WeakAuras and there will be less and less hand holding. The idea is that you can start as a beginners and become expert by reading the series. Hope this will be helpful!

WeakAura School

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