WeakAura Library

This page is written for patch 6.2

An update for patch 7.0 will be here soon™

Welcome to Misty Teahouse’s WeakAura Library! Here you can several different types of auras, mainly for Mistweavers, but Windwalkers and Brewmaster Monks can also find some fine additions to their UIs. Please select what type of weakauras you are interested in. Remember to install the WeakAura2 addon to World of Warcraft!

Mistweaver Icon Auras


Export codes for all types of different Icon Auras for Mistweavers can be found here. I have not been bashful – practically every spell that has a cooldown is listed, and some more!

Custom Texture Auras


Interested in a more customized UI? Here you can download art files and export codes for a completely custom-made look to your UI! There are sets for Mistweavers, Windwalkers and Brewmaster Monks.

Elvui Profiles

900x300 Elvui

If you want to complement the beautiful WeakAuras with an equally beautiful interface, download my Elvui profiles here. There are profiles for Mistweaver, Windwalker and Brewmaster!

UI Troubleshooting


Having trouble importing auras and textures? Here are common problems listed together with a fix. If you run into a completely unique problem, you can make a comment on the page and describe your problem and I’ll see if I can help you!

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