UI Inspiration

Are you thinking about creating your own Healer UI? Take a look here for inspiration!

My Current UI

Here’s my current UI for Legion. First an image of my UI in idle state, then one with all my auras active at the same time. When I’m raiding, you can also slap on all the DBM timers and announcements plus some more Weakauras that only activate on the specific fights. You can see it on my Xavius Mythic kill video!



ALL Auras Active + Raid Frames

My Previous UI

Here is a mock-up of how my UI used to look like, back in Warlords of Draenor when I was healing in Serpent stance. If you want to see how it looked like in action, take a look at my Archimonde kill video.


The same UI, but in Crane stance.

Healer UI Mistweaver Crane Stance

My Previous, Previous UI – with limited Action Bars

Here I have a resemblance of action bars (the ReM, Chi Brew and Roll is actually a clickable action bar), with my WeakAuras in the same section. Also pretty and sparkly dragons.

Healer UI Mistweaver

My Previous, Previous, Previous UI – with Action Bars

Once upon a time I used action bars. Feels like a lifetime ago! I still use a version of this UI on all my alts. It’s very easy and simple, which is preferable on alts.

Healer UI Mistweaver

Guest UI

Sakresse (Healer Priest)

My fellow healer in crime has been kind enough to lend her Healer UIs. Sakresse is a devoted healer, with a penchant for Elvui and WeakAuras like myself. She has her own blog called More Bubbles, which I really recommend to take a look at! Her Tumblr page is also awesome, always sprinkled with pretty screenshots from WoW.

Discipline UI (Idle)


Discipline UI (In raid)


Holy UI (Idle)erica-ui-ny-holy

My Interface Art

I’m a budding artist that like to paint interface art. Here are some of my creations!

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