WeakAura Hub

This page is written for patch 6.2

An update for patch 7.0 will be here soon™

WeakAura Library – In my Library, you can find a list of export strings to different kinds of WeakAuras. They’re categorized and pictured, which makes it easy to browse.

WeakAura Skins – A rundown of the skinning addon Masque and a few recommended extensions. Links to the addons are available!

WeakAura School – If you want to become a master of WeakAuras and create your own, here is a guide that can give you a head start. Involves several lessons of the basics, and how to create different auras (more to come).

UI Philosophy – Do you want to build your own UI, but don’t know how to start? Here is a lowdown of how I philosophize and I reason regarding UIs. Contains an explanation of how my own UI works.

UI Inspiration – If you are running low on ideas on how to recreate your UI, take a look here and let yourself be inspired!