This transmog page is dedicated to weapons that a Mistweaver can equip and transmog to; two-handed swords, maces and such are therefore excluded. The page is supposed to function as an inspiration for your transmog sets, which means it’s not a complete list of weapons. I have merely pulled some of them which I think look good and can fit a Mistweaver’s transmog. Hope you’ll find some inspiration!


Challenge Mode Gold Rewards

1 - shifting felblade, claws of creation, bloodmaw gargoyle

2 - equus, elemental crescent, dimension

3 - cloudsong glaives, greatstaff, arcana shard

4 - tesseract

Note: These weapons are reward from completing all Draenor Challenge Modes on Gold rating. There are many more weapons that you’ll get, but these are the ones that a Mistweaver can transmog to. They all have very cool animations and I really recommend checking them out here.


1 - Soulblade, Crusader's glory, Oregorger

2 - PG quickblade, expeditious sword, Delicate blade of meaning

3 - Ethereum Phase Blade, Sword of Honor, Wind blade

4 - PG mageblade, Rimefang, Sunsoul

5 - TG mageblade, PG quickblade, Seethe

6 - WG quicklblade, Auchenai sword, Blade of keening

7 - Firethorn mindslicer, Iron soldier's saber


1 - PG Cleaver, PC Cleaver, No-Kaled

2 - Blood Fury, Nifflevar, Feledged Battleaxe

3 - Kura-Kura, Steelforged Axe, Teldrassil Protector

4 - Frostbite, PC pummeler, Icebound Frost-singer

5 - Korven, TG, Haromm


1 - Split Greathammer, Hoof of Yalnu, RG Pummeler

2 - Vagaries of time, Jarthud, Maw of the dragonlort

3 - Andoros, Royal scepter, Bonebreaker scepter

4 - Dragonshrine scepter, black icicle, mithirios

5 - Scepter of power, encapsulated


1 - Crandancer, Initiates, Aspirants

2 - Staff of hidden master, Skettis staff, Jaina's staff

3 - Staff of restraint, VG energy staff, Jalak's maelstrom

4 - staff of trembling will, expeditious staff, springrain staff

5 - Inscirbed Serpent staff, Malroc's, Sealing heartstaff

6 - Ti'tahk, PG energy staff, Intensity

7 - PC energy staff, Frostscythe, Kamui's

8 - Funeral pyre, Starrgo's, Spire of coagulated

9 - Tormented spire


1 - Pillar of Malice, Inlaid spear, Bodyguard's Halberd

2 - Bladed staff, Bladed staff, Bo-Ris

3 - VG Harvester, Witch-Hunter's scythe

Fist Weapons

1 - Vinewrapped knuckles, black bruise, bladefist

2 - Mountaing vengeance, tiger lord's, creeperclaw

3 - softfoot's, arcanic of the high sage, fist of deity

4 - lunarglow, fist of molten fury, crimson steel

5 - wu-lai


1 - Growthshaper, Evermorn, Coldsinger

2 - Shomi's fan, Zangarra crystal, PC reprieve

3 - Purehearted, Mayor's, Umbrella

4 - Red fan, fiery winds, bone-inlaid

5 - jade fan

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