Weapon Enchants

Welcome to the Enchanting page of Transmog! Here you will find images of how all the new Draenor enchants look like. You will also find images of the enchant illusions you can transmogrify to. To access Illusions, you must have a Garrison Enchanting Study at level 2 with a follower working in the building (which can be assigned from the Architect table).

Draenor Enchants

Mark Blackrock, Bleeding Hollow, Shadowmoon

  • Mark of Blackrock
  • Mark of Bleeding Hollow
  • Mark of Shadowmoon

Mark Frostwolf, Shattered Hand, Thunderlord

  • Mark of the Frostwolf
  • Mark of the Shattered Hand
  • Mark of the Thunderlord

Mark of Warsong

  • Mark of Warsong


1 Agility, Berserking, Battle Master

  • Illusion: Agility
  • Illusion: Berserking
  • Illusion: Battle Master

2 Blood Draining, Crusader, Elemental Force

  • Illusion: Blood Draining
  • Illusion: Crusader
  • Illusion: Elemental Force

3 Executioner, Fiery Weapon, Greater Spellpower

  • Illusion: Executioner
  • Illusion: Fiery Weapon
  • Illusion: Greater Spellpower

4 Jade Spirit, Land Sliding, Life Stealing

  • Illusion: Jade Spirit
  • Illusion: Land Sliding
  • Illusion: Life Stealing

5 Mending, Mongoose, Power Torrent

  • Illusion: Mending
  • Illusion: Mongoose
  • Illusion: Power Torrent

6 River's Song, Spellsurge, Striking

  • Illusion: River’s Song
  • Illusion: Spellsurge
  • Illusion: Striking

7 Unholy

  • Illusion: Unholy

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