News from the Misty Cave

Long time, no see! I have been a little absent from, well, pretty much any social media for a few weeks now. So, I thought it was time to write a little update on what I’m up to.

First, I’m alive and well! I’m still playing ferociously, going between World of Warcraft and Zelda, thinking seriously about giving the new Mass Effect a chance too. In WoW I’m still progress raiding as Mistweaver. I’ve poked and prodded a little at my alts (I have one of each class), but the more I play other the classes the more I realize how much I prefer Monks. In all specs. That’s not going to change any time soon.

I’ve kept an eye out for Mistweavers news for 7.2.5, though I might have probably missed a few tidbits. I have been playing more than researching on Mistweavers lately. But what I’ve picked up on, mostly the Essence Font and Refreshing Jade Wind changes, looks interesting (but we won’t see how it works out until it’s live). Here’s one of the latest blue posts on the subject:

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Mistweaver Hotfixes and More Tea, Please

I’m lagging a little bit behind the news cycle, but better late than never! Mistweavers have received hot fixes since the launch of pre-patch that I’d like to talk about with a big cup of steaming hot tea. A double, with something extra, please.

First of all, I’m sorry I haven’t been able to get back to all of you on the comments and updating more on the blog. I’ve been hit by a wave of exhaustion for a while now that mere sleep haven’t been able to cure. I haven’t been able to do all the updates I wanted to do, but I hope my slower pace is understandable. I’ll get there, eventually, but maybe not as quickly as I once used to (my passion for Mistweavers is ever-growing though!)

Mistweaver Hotfixes and Updates

It’s obviously a bit of a disappointment that the Statue hasn’t its own duration of the Soothing Mist channel, I quite liked that. The talent still has value though, due to being the only talent in that tier that boosts single target healing (though I recommend to always combine it with Mist Wrap), which is often need when healing dungeons.

EDIT: And statue has its own duration again. 

In other news, demon invasions will start soon (was it next week?). Be sure to not miss that, unique transmog will be available that is a MUST for all fashionable Mistweavers. I mean, even if you doesn’t like the sets as a whole, the parts can definitely contribute to customized transmog sets. That reminds me, I will need to update my transmog guide too… But first, tea. I think I need to drink my weight in tea to get past this exhaustion…

Challenge accepted.

Tea is Almighty and I do things

Healing Elixir (Talent)I’m currently drinking Masala Chai tea, and I thought I’d give you an update on the things I do at the moment!

To start off in-game, my guild has finally started progressing on Mythic bosses (Kargath doesn’t count, he’s barely a mythic boss worth the name). We’ve started off at Twin Ogron, and it is a really fun and sadistic fight. The progress was quick and once we’ve assembled our core team, they’ll be downed very quickly. Our third progression boss will be Brackenspore, and as far as I can tell that’s a clusterf*ck of epic proportions. My kind of fun, in other words! There is nothing more challenging than having to heal like a maniac, while dodging and executing mechanics till perfection.

The fun part about Mythic compared to Heroic, is that the content is so challenging that you have to progress your own gameplay to maximize throughput and utility. There’s no one telling you how to do it, it is up to you to figure out the best tactics. While the raid progress the content, you will also progress your own gameplay in parallel. Where is the best time to use these spells and these cooldowns, how shall I time it for best execution etc. I like having to think about things like these.

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