Teahouse Dungeon Guide Preview

With my very own alpha access, I can now test the new features whenever I get the urge. One of the most fun experiences is testing dungeons and since the dawn of Mythic+, knowing your ins and outs of the dungeons have never been more relevant. That’s why I have been writing new and fresh guides!

I actually have had Dungeons guides on the blog before, way back in Warlords of Draenor. My old guides looked something like this:


OLD guide – Click to embiggen

They took forever to make and I remember feeling very burnt out after creating those. Not to mention that there were several other guides that were much better and came out a faster pace. Lastly, it was Warlords of Draenor which didn’t have Mythic+, so they became obsolete very fast (unless you did Challenge Mode, which wasn’t very popular, especially for Mistweavers back then).

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Legion Dungeon Race!

For those who have missed it – Blizzard has held a Legion Dungeon race between a European and American team. The two teams race through the dungeons Halls of Valor and the Maw of Souls. Interestingly enough for us, both teams sport a Mistweaver healer – we got to see plenty of Mistweaving action! The race is commented by Ion Hazzikostas (@WatcherDev) and Josh Allen (@CM_Lore) – I dearly recommend watching it!