Future of Essence Font

Patch 7.2 has launched and oh boy, don’t we have a lot to do in the game? I haven’t been bored this expansion, that’s for sure. Tomb is coming up soon and so does the mini-patch 7.2.5. where we will get more class changes. Here are a few blizzard posts on the subject.

Patch 7.2.5 Mistweaver Blue Posts

On the initial 7.2.5 PTR, we are trying out a version of Essence Font that is even stronger, but has a cooldown. In addition to some combination of a healing increase and mana cost reduction, the duration of the HoT will be increased.

Essence Font having no cooldown has held back the spell and the spec in a few ways. It essentially says that three relatively heavy heals (Essence Font, Enveloping Mist, Vivify) have to compete with each other at all times. The texture of using a heavy spell on a short cooldown, then falling back to the decision between spammable spells (selecting based on cost, number of targets, etc.) is common among healers for good reason. And Essence Font‘s HoT mechanic that improves mastery is meant to specifically enhance that sort of gameplay, and will be more effective on a spell with a cooldown.

As already mentioned, the first change that comes along with it is buffing Essence Font itself. It no longer has to be held back by “if it gets too much stronger than e.g. Vivify, people will only use Essence Font“, and can simply be a high-priority spell. We will made other adjustments as needed for gameplay or tuning.

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Warcraft Classes – A Personal Review

A while ago, I managed to get my last character up to level 100. That’s right, now I have every single Warcraft class on max level. In light of this, I thought I could write a review of what I thought of each class. Do note however that I’m not reviewing how it is to raid as each single class, because I haven’t got that far with them (and I will probably never do so much work). This post is supposed to serve as a lighthearted commentary on class fantasies and mechanics. Keyword is “fun”!

MonkClass - Monk

You already know that my heart got stolen by the Mistweaver spec, but there are two other specs I haven’t talked much about. I know, right? Monks having other specs, pfft. But they do exist, Brewmaster and Windwalker, no matter how much I ignore them. To be fair, Brewmaster is kind of fun. Probably one of the few tank specs that I actually like, and I say that with a background as a tank (before I rerolled healer). The Brewmaster spec is very flexible with a plethora of strong tank cooldowns. I strongly favour them from a healer perspective as well. Being a reaction-based throughput healer can really put your heart in your mouth when the tank’s HP is making a rollercoaster (looking at you, Druids). A Brewmaster’s HP is thankfully very stable. Hurray for mitigation!

Windwalkers then? I must say, while I think the fantasy of a wind and lightning-based martial arts combatant is very cool, the mechanics of the spec fall a bit short. The Storm, Earth, Fire, Wind, Water and Heart ability (or whatever it’s called) is a really clumsy mechanic that requires a number of addons to keep track on. I think I would prefer the spec without that ability. And with more wind and lightning effects. Especially lightning.

Honestly, I might have liked them more if it wasn’t for that weird nerf and buff circus they have going on. It is really making my Crane stance puke. Figuratively, that is.


Class - Warlock

I don’t know how many times I’ve tried to level a Warlock, and for some reason or other, I’ve never succeeded. Until now, that is! I must say that I’m positively surprised. It was ridiculously easy to level in Draenor with a Voidlord that tanks everything. And when I got sick of pets, as I always do in the end, I could always sacrifice it for the greater evi- I mean good.

Warlock is not exactly a super easy class to get into as a beginner, I would say. A lot of spells interacting with each other, some stance dancing and some secondary resources that you have to get to know first. It took me a while to get the gist. But once I got it, it became really fun!

I’m also partial to the class because of transmog. I mean, the Corruptor set, the Deathbringer set, the Cataclysmic Gladiator set, etc. Stop looking so cool! It makes my heart ache for not being a cloth-wearer on my main!

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