MistyTeahouse Patreon on Short Break

I’m taking a short break on Patreon (you know, where people can subscribe for a package of interface art every month). You won’t be able to pledge until I restart it again in February. This is just a heads up!

My official Patreon post on the subject:

Hello guys! This month I’m going to take a break from Patreon, since I’ve been away skiing for a little over a week, I won’t have the time to create a whole UI. So, no new UI for January. I will restart again in February!

Now there are good news and bad news. Let’s start with the bad.

I have a pay-per-month account on Patreon, which basically withdraws money from my patrons the 1st of every month. This is automatic, I have no control over it. So, what I need is a pause-button that prevents payment that month. The problem is, there is a pause-button but it is in Beta and only a few Patreon creators can use that function. I’m not one of them.

According to Patreon’s help desk, to pause my account I need to revert to Patron-only (as opposed to Creator). The bad side of that is that I will lose all my patrons in the process, since a patron-account is not a creator and you can’t pledge anything. And that sucks. But it’s the only choice I have since I won’t have time to create a whole UI this month and I won’t charge my patrons for nothing.

The good news, though! 

I am an optimist if not, so while I begrudgingly have to basically reset my account for this month so no undue payments go through, I think of this as an opportunity. I want to rework my Patreon model a little, basically make it a little simpler and streamlined (which will of course make it cheaper as well). I’m still offering a mini-UI and a big-UI, but I won’t do any more tutorials since I have basically taught you guys everything I know. A.k.a. I will be focusing on the art only.

For the next “season” of my Patreon, I thinking of doing Class UIs since that seems to be what most people want. There’s also the question if I’m going with a pay-per-month account or a pay-per-creation account. I haven’t decided; the benefits payer-per-creation is that 1) I can set my own deadlines and can take short breaks when I want and 2) patrons will still only need to pay on the 1st of every month no matter when I crate a paid post. Still not a 100% of how it works, doing some research on that.

Anyway, it’s a short good-bye for now but I hope you will want to re-pledge when my Patreon account is up again. It’ll likely be in February and I’ll announce when on my blog www.mistyteahouse.com. See you then!

3 thoughts on “MistyTeahouse Patreon on Short Break”

  1. With making a class specific UI, I have a (hopefully) small request: would it be possible to split the proc graphic into 2, to accommodate a few specs that have 2 procs they should know about.
    Frost mage has Brain Freeze and Fingers of Frost
    Frost DK has Rime and Killing Machine
    MM Hunter has Hunter’s Mark and Marking Targets

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