Proving Grounds Class Distribution

I saw on MMO Champion  a chart over class distribution in Proving Grounds. If you haven’t seen it, this is how it looks for healers:

PG Class dist

This is the class distribution over Proving Grounds Endless, “Any Endless Wave”; “10+ Endless Wave” and “20+ Endless Wave”. I just thought it fun to share the statistics, seeming how the percentage over Mistweavers is very low. It could indicate that Endless is really hard for Mistweavers and if you have done it, you’re really good!

The percentages are for 20+ waves:
Druid: 40.6%
Shaman: 25%
Paladin: 14.4%
Priest: 12.6%
Monk: 7.4%

So if a Druid says that he or she has done Endless, it is just wholly unimpressive. Try it as a Mistweaver :P

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  1. I have done 30 endless waves as MW monk in Pandaria. And I should say that 1 race was OP for that achievment for monk. One word – Cannibalize

  2. I couldn’t comment on your Endless Proving Grounds guide so I just wanted to say here…. thank you so much!! Excellent guide! Was barely getting past wave 20 prior to finding your guide, and with a few changes to my talents, a little work and time today was able to make it up to 38 on my achievement awarding attempt. I am fairly new to MW, rerolled for this expansion, and am in love with it, bookmarking your blog for sure. Thanks again! — Soap, Lightning’s Blade US

  3. I think a lot of that had to do with Mistweaver being very unplayed. On top of that 90% of Monks were gearing wrong & not playing correctly in MoP.

    In reality I think Mistweaver was (and currently is) one of the easier healing specs to do Endless in. In MoP we had healing sphere which was by far the strongest, cheapest single target heal in the game & completely trivialised endless.

    Then in present day, after x2 50% enveloping buffs as of 6.1 I think MW is a very good spec to do endless on so long as you have reasonable spirit. Furthermore spirit gear can be cheesed, and mana tea can be carried over after drinking water so you do each wave 1 with 100% mana and 10-20 stacks.

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