Patch 7.1.5

Talents in Legion

  • There is no currency cost to change talents.
  • Talents can only be changed while rested (in cities, inns, beginning of instances, etc.) unless you have one of the following items:
  • Tome of Tranquil Mind allows individual players to change their talents for 1 minute.
  • Codex of the Tranquil Mind allows several players to change talents while in the vicinity of the Codex.

Tier One (Level 15)

spell_arcane_arcanetorrentChi Burst
Chi Burst is a frontal attack that also heals. The Chi orb that bursts forward travel about 40 yds and damage any enemies and heal any allies in its path. The healing is very high and serves as a good burst with no mana cost to boot. Does require a little bit of aim however.

ability_monk_forcesphereZen Pulse
Zen Pulse consists of two components: a single-target heal and AoE damage. You can target any ally, as long as they have enemies nearby, and instantly make them burst out damage to enemies nearby and at the same time be healed for an amount, depending on how many enemies the spell hit. Good single-target heal for situations with many enemies!

Mistwalk is a mobility ability combined with some healing. It allows the Mistweaver to almost instantly “walk” (fast enough to almost be a teleport) to an ally and heal them for a small amount.

Raiding: So far, Chi Burst has come out as the strongest choice due to its high healing and burst.
Dungeons: In this case, I would opt for either Zen Pulse, for the damage and single-target healing, or Mistwalk. Mistwalk can be really great, because although the healing is low, it’s possible to skip some mechanics by Mistwalking through them and by that increasing your survivability. And it’s fun.
Leveling: Zen Pulse, for great AoE damage and self-healing.

Tier Two (Level 30)

ability_monk_quitornadoChi Torpedo
Replaces Roll. Allows you to quickly travel a short distance. It has 2 charges like Roll, but you travel farther and you get a stacking speed bonus too.

ability_monk_tigerslustTiger’s Lust
A good speed burst ability with a 30 second cooldown. Can be used on allies as well.

A passive talent that decreases the cooldown of your Roll and adds a third charge.

Raiding: Chi Torpedo for getting out of sticky situations or Tiger’s Lust if you need a very strong speed burst either yourself or an ally at some point.
Dungeons: The same as for raiding.
Leveling: Personal preference!

Tier Three (Level 45)

A passive talent that allows you to save 20% of the mana cost of the next Vivify or Enveloping Mist if they are cast after each other. The buffs Lifecycles (Enveloping Mist) and Lifecycles (Vivify) each has a duration of 15 seconds, and doesn’t drop if you cast other spells in between. Good for saving mana!

monk_stance_redcraneSpirit of the Crane
Part of the new Fistweaving build, it allows you to refund some mana from all of your additional Blackout Kicks. For more information, read here.

ability_monk_pathofmistsMist Wrap
Increases the duration and healing bonus of Enveloping Mist. Also allows you to channel Soothing Mist while moving!

Raiding: Lifecycles are currently the best raid talent since it allows the Mistweaver to save quite a bit of mana, which can be later used for Essence Font. Spirit of the Crane works if you fistweave a lot, but usually it eats up quite a lot of GCDs. Mistwrap can also be a good choice, if Lifecycles and Spirit of the Crane are nonviable for your rotation.
Dungeons: All three of the talents are viable, though Mist Wrap is ahead due to its stronger tank healing. It also allows you to run and avoid mechanics while you channel Soothing Mist, which results in higher uptime of the very mana-efficient spell.
Leveling: Mist Wrap or Spirit of the Crane.

Tier Four (Level 60)

spell_monk_ringofpeaceRing of Peace
A Ring of Peace forms around you for 8 seconds. Any enemy that casts a harmful spell within the ring will be knocked out. It is basically a knockback that relies on enemies that cast abilities or spells, not only melee swings.

inv_chaos_orbSong of Chi-Ji
A cloud of red smoke travels forward in the direction you face and puts any enemies it touches to sleep. It is classified as an incapacitate, which means damage cancels the effect.

ability_monk_legsweepLeg Sweep
A kick roundhouse kick that stuns any enemies within 5 yards.

Raiding: Stuns are usually the more useful of the three different Crowd Controls, so Leg Sweep is a good default choice.
Dungeons: Unless you are doing very specific tactics, Leg Sweep is the best default choice here too.
Leveling: Leg Sweep to control large packs of mobs without dying, or Song of Chi-Ji if you want to sneak around without pulling mobs.

Tier Five (Level 75)

ability_monk_jasmineforceteaHealing Elixir
This ability is basically an extra health pot that you can use at any time. It has 2 charges and 30 seconds recharge time. If you go below 35% health, one stack is consumed automatically.

spell_monk_diffusemagicDiffuse Magic
A powerful damage reduction ability against magic damage. It can also reflect back the damage on the original caster if possible.

ability_monk_dampenharmDampen Harm
A good damage reduction that gives you a buff of three stacks. Whenever you take a hit that would lower your health by 15% or more, the damage is reduced by 30%. All three stacks are on the same duration of 45 sec.

Raiding: Damage reduction abilities are usually more valuable in a raid setting. Opt for either Diffuse Magic or Dampen Harm depending on the damage pattern.
Dungeons: For difficult dungeons, go for the damage reduction abilities. Easier content is doable with Healing Elixirs too.
Leveling: Healing Elixirs for short downtime between mob pulls.

Tier Six (Level 90)

ability_monk_rushingjadewindRefreshing Jade Wind
A whirling tornado of mist surrounds you, healing all allies close to you for a high amount. It also increases the healing of your Essence Font while it’s active. Though the healing is incredibly strong, the mana cost is quite high as well.

inv_pet_cranegodInvoke Chi-Ji, the Red Crane
Chi-Ji joins your side and heals allies every 1 sec for 45 seconds. Each heal is quite small, but the amount of heals it dishes out during its time period stacks up to be quite substantial.

ability_monk_summonserpentstatueSummon Jade Serpent Statue
You gain the ability to summon a Jade Serpent Statue, that copies your Soothing Mist for 50% on the same target. The statue reapplies Soothing Mist whenever the Mistweaver does, on the same target.

Raiding: Chi-Ji is a good all-around choice; great healing for no cost. Refreshing Jade Wind is only good if you are in a short encounter where the raid stacks often (and heavy AoE healing is called for). Don’t pick the Statue for raiding.
Dungeons: Go either for Chi-Ji for better AoE healing or the Statue for more single-target healing.
Leveling: Opt for the statue if you are soloing content, since you will have a nice passive heal while you fistweave.

Tier Seven (Level 100)

monk_ability_cherrymanateaMana Tea
Cuts all your mana costs by 50% for 10 seconds. Paves the way for quite a bit of burst healing, or alternatively, saves you a lot of mana in the long run.

spell_monk_nimblebrewFocused Thunder
Allows your Thunder Focus Tea to empower your next 2 spells. This can either be used for increased HPS (extra Renewing Mist or stronger Effuse), mana-efficiency (free Vivify), emergency (instant Enveloping Mist) or mobility (cast Essence Font while moving).

ability_thunderking_lightningwhipRising Thunder
Rising Sun Kick resets the cooldown of Thunder Focus Tea. Part of the new Fistweaving build.

Raiding: The seventh talent row is arguably one of the most interesting in our talent tree. This is because the talents have quite a large impact on the healing rotation.

  • For bursty healing, go with Mana Tea and use it in tandem with big heals such as Essence Font or if you plan to cast several Vivifys.
  • For sustained healing and mana efficiency go for Rising Thunder and the fistweaving rotation. You need to regularly fistweave with this talent to make it efficient. If you are skilled at this rotation, the healing combined with the high mana efficiency can be quite powerful.

All three are viable in raid, so feel free to experiment with them!
Dungeons: Focused Thunder is the best choice in dungeons since your can use it for emergency Enveloping Mists and free Vivifys.
Leveling: I would go for the fistweaving rotation for leveling, but on the whole you can choose whichever you prefer.

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