Basic Mistweaving Strategy

Patch 7.3.5


Welcome to my Mistweaving guide! Here you will learn the basics of the Monk healing spec to get you started on your journey to deeper knowledge. Mistweavers have seen many changes throughout the years, but in Legion the changes have been profound. Our toolkit has been remastered for more flexibility and better response to different types of encounters.

Stat Priority

  • Critical Strike (400 rating per %) – Chance to crit a heal or attack at 2x the size.
  • Haste (375 rating per %) – Haste has several different attributes:
    • Lowers the global cooldown.
    • Lowers the cast time of certain spells (Effuse, Essence Font, Vivify, Sheilun’s Gift, Spinning Crane Kick etc).
    • Lowers the cooldown of certain abilities (Blackout Kick, Rising Sun Kick).
    • Adds extra ticks on Heal-over-Time effects (Renewing Mists, Enveloping Mist, Essence Font buff etc).
  • Mastery (30,8 rating per %) – Adds a Gust of Mists heal on every direct healing spell (see more details below).
  • Versatility (475 rating per %) – Increases healing and decreases damage taken.

Raid stats:
Crit  > Versatility > Haste > Mastery

Mythic+ Stats:
Mastery > Haste > Versatility > Crit

Raid: Versatility and crit are the powerhouses of stats and both are very close in value; the order depends on your gear. Haste is low in priority because it makes our heals faster, but not particularly stronger (a.k.a. we spend more mana). The only time haste rises in value is if you are “mana capped”, which is a fancy word for saying that you have mana left after doing your strongest healing rotation. Which would be in our case, basically never.

Mythic+: Mistweaver’s Mastery: Gust of Mists is gold in dungeons since it adds to our direct healing (the ones we use most in mythic+ in other words). Haste is also great because it allows us to cast faster and gives extra ticks to our HoTs. Mana is a less of a problem in mythic+ than raids since you can always drink between pulls.

Healing Toolkit

ability_monk_souldanceMastery: Gust of Mists
Your targeted healing also trigger a Gust of Mists heal. The size of the heal varies depending on how much mastery you have. Its healing is fixed as opposed to percentage-based, meaning that the size of the heal will remain the same no matter which direct healing spell activated it. Gust of Mists is activated by Effuse, the direct healing of Vivify, the first application of Renewing Mist and Enveloping Mist. Allies affected by the Essence Font buff can receive the Gust of Mists heal twice when healed with a direct heal. This makes mastery a powerful stat for Mistweavers and also emphasises the importance of choosing your targets for direct healing with great care.

Effuse is a fast single-target heal. Although it is a minor heal, it is efficient and activates both the Mastery: Gust of Mists heal and the Soothing Mist passive ability.

Vivify is a versatile cleave-heal that heals the initial targets plus the two nearest allies (up to 40 yards). This heal works well both in dungeon and raid encounters, and can be liberally used as an AoE heal. Since only the primary target activates the Mastery: Gust of Mists heal, choose your target with care.
Modified by the following talents:
Lifecycles: With this talent, Vivify and Enveloping Mists will have reduced mana cost if followed by each other.

ability_monk_essencefontEssence Font
Essence Font is your big AoE heal that has a potential to heal up to 18 allies. It has a direct healing component and a Heal-over-Time component that not only do ticking healing, but also allows the target to receive the Mastery: Gust of Mists heal twice when healed with a direct heal. Only use this when several allies need healing since it has a very high mana cost and you’ll only get the full amount of healing bolts if you hit 6 or more targets. It can be channeled while moving.

ability_monk_renewingmistsRenewing Mist
Renewing Mist is a heal that do relatively high healing over a longer period of time. It is applied to a single target (and activates the Mastery: Gust of Mists heal once) and heals for 20 seconds (+4 with artifact traits). If it overheals, it will jump to another target that requires healing. In addition, it has a 4% chance to proc the buff Uplifting Trance, which increases the healing of your next Vivify. Keep as many Renewing Mists up at all times for more Uplifting Trance procs!

spell_monk_envelopingmistEnveloping Mist
Enveloping Mist is a powerful Heal-over-Time that heals for a large amount over 6 seconds. It activates the Mastery: Gust of Mists heal on first application and the Soothing Mist passive. While the HoT is active, the target also receives increased healing from the Monk. Used for tank healing and people who are taking heavy damage.
Modified by the following talents:
Mist Wrap: The duration of Enveloping Mist’s heal is increased by 1 second and the healing bonus by 10%.
Lifecycles: With this talent, Vivify and Enveloping Mists will have reduced mana cost if followed by each other.

ability_monk_soothingmistsSoothing Mist
Soothing Mist is a passive ability that activates a channeled heal after casting either EffuseEnveloping MistVivify, Sheilun’s Gift or Life Cocoon on a target. It channels a small ticking heal every half-second indefinitely, until another action is taken. Since it costs no mana it is best used as a filler for mana-efficient rotations.
Modified by the following talents:
Summon Jade Serpent Statue: Gives the Mistweaver the ability to place a Jade Serpent Statue at a targeted location. When the Mistweaver activates the Soothing Mist passive, the Jade Serpent will also heal the same target with a Soothing Mist channel. It reapplies its heal every time the Mistweaver reactivates the Soothing Mist passive.
Mist Wrap: Allows the Mistweaver to move while channeling Soothing Mist.

Sheilun’s Gift
Sheilun’s Gift is our active ability granted by our artifact Sheilun, the Staff of Mists. It’s a single-target spell that has the potential to dish out quite a powerful heal. Every 10 sec in combat, Sheilun generate a cloud of mist (the clouds are cosmetic, and the stacks are displayed on the ability) for a maximum of 12 stacks. Use this ability between 8-12 stacks for a large single target heal.
There are artifact traits that empower Sheilun’s Gift further: Effusive Mists makes Effuse generate one mist, and Whispers of Shaohao that causes the mists to heal nearby players.


ability_monk_thunderfocusteaThunder Focus Tea
Thunder Focus Tea is one of your most valued strategical cooldowns. It has a 30 sec cooldown and has the potential to empower several different abilities:
Renewing Mist: Does not trigger cooldown.
Effuse: Healing increased by 200%.
Enveloping Mist: Instant cast.
Essence Font: Channels 100% faster.
Vivify: No mana cost.
Use it on cooldown and choose which spell to empower by casting it after activating Thunder Focus Tea. The default choice is either Renewing Mist, since more Renewing Mists out means more Uplifting Trance procs (a.k.a. more HPS); or use it for free Vivifys and save enough mana for several Essence Font casts. Only use Enveloping Mist in emergencies and ignore Effuse/Essence Font.
Modified by the following talents:
Rising Thunder: Rising Sun Kick resets the cooldown of your Thunder Focus Tea.
Focused Thunder:
Thunder Focus Tea now empowers your two next spells.

ability_monk_chicocoonLife Cocoon
Life Cocoon applies an absorbs shield on a target that also triggers Soothing Mist. It also empowers all of the Monk’s HoT effects on the target by 50%. Used on tanks or people in danger of dying.

A large, instant AoE heal that can heal an entire raid. It also dispels magic effects, poison and diseases. Used as a powerful raid cooldown much like Tranquility, Healing Tide Totem and Divine Hymn.

Damage Toolkit

You might have noticed that Mistweavers are ranged healers, but that we have melee damage abilities. This may seem odd in raid encounters, but I can assure you that Mistweavers can stand perfectly safe at melee in all types of encounters. While we are classified as ranged and therefore can be hit by all the mechanics as the other healers; we cannot be hit by mechanics that would instantly wipe a raid by standing in melee. If you want to read the full explanation of this, read this developer post!

ability_monk_tigerpalmTiger Palm
A quick attack that applies one stack of the buff Teachings of the Monastery. The buff stacks up to 3 times.

passive_monk_teachingsofmonasteryTeachings of the Monastery
Causes your next Blackout Kick to strike an additional time per stack and gives it a 15% chance to reset the cooldown of Rising Sun Kick.

ability_monk_roundhousekickBlackout Kick
A kick that deals moderate damage and blacks out the target, or so they say.
Modified by the following talents:
Spirit of the Crane: Each Blackout Kick now refunds 0.65% mana.

ability_monk_risingsunkickRising Sun Kick
A powerful kick that deals high damage. Should be used on cooldown whenever you have the chance to kick up those DPS numbers.
Modified by the following talents:
Rising Thunder: Rising Sun Kick resets the cooldown of your Thunder Focus Tea.

ability_monk_cranekick_newSpinning Crane Kick
Our AoE damage ability that is currently tuned to be quite strong. Kick away when you have several enemies!

ability_monk_cracklingjadelightningCrackling Jade Lightning
Lightning is a good alternative for damage if you are at ranged.

Single-Target Healing

For light healing apply Renewing Mist and then cast Effuse (in a raid setting, exchange Effuse with Vivify), which activates the passive channel Soothing Mist.

The artifact ability Sheilun’s Gift costs no mana and can be very useful. At it’s core, it’s an ability that heals for 200% of spell power per stack (=cloud). 200% of spell power is about the size of an Effuse before mastery, so it’s not great. But it stacks up to 12 times, giving you one stack every 10 seconds as long as you are in combat. It can therefore heal a single target for a very high amount. You can use it before 12 stacks if the situation requires it, but otherwise let it build up and use it as a powerful emergency heal. The AoE healing it generates with the Artfiact trait is also a nice bonus!

For heavy healing, use Enveloping Mist, which is not only a strong HoT but also empowers your other healing spells on the target by 30%. Add a Thunder Focus Tea-empowered Effuse and a Renewing Mist to the same target and your healing becomes substantially larger. If you need to go a step even further, Life Cocoon applies an absorb shield that, while active, also increases the healing of your HoT effects by 50%. It marries well with Enveloping Mist and Renewing Mist in other words (which are automatically applied with Life Cocoon if you have the artifact trait)!

For targets that requires emergency healing, you can apply an instant Enveloping Mist with Thunder Focus Tea!

AoE Healing

Rule number one for Mistweavers is to always use Renewing Mist on cooldown. It’s a great spread heal in its own right, but it also has a chance to grant you the Uplifting Trance proc. Be sure to consume the buff by using Vivify. You can use Thunder Focus Tea to either add more Renewing Mists, and get more procs, or use it for free Vivifys and save some mana. After this, AoE healing looks a bit different depending on if you’re healing a raid or a dungeon team.

Healing a raid: Essence Font makes up for most of your AoE healing. It’s a channeled spell that sends out 18 bolts of healing to nearby injured targets in a short period of time. The bolts does a direct heal and leaves a small HoT that also doubles any Mastery: Gust of Mists heals the target receives. Cast this when you have 6 or more injured targets within 25 yards from your position. If you need even stronger stack healing, use the talents Refreshing Jade Wind and use Chi Burst on cooldown!

If there are less than 6 injured allies nearby, as in they are spread out or there are only a few injured players, you should instead use the spell Vivify. It’s a great heal even when the whole raid is spread, especially if you’re proficient at using Renewing Mist on cooldown and have high uptime on Uplifting Trance. For greater spread heal, you can use the talent Chi-Ji, the Red Crane.

Raid cooldownsRevivalChi-Ji, the Red Crane and Velen’s Future Sight.

Healing a dungeon team: Keep Renewing Mist and use Vivify as your primary AoE heal. In emergencies, you can use Essence Font, despite only getting 15 bolts of healing on 5 targets. Its HoT that doubles down on your Mastery: Gust of Mists can be invaluable for saving people that have lethal debuffs (such has Grievous).

Damage Rotation

As said above, but worth mentioning again, Mistweavers are ranged healers but have partial melee immunity. Read the developer post on the subject!

Base Damage Rotation (Single Target)

Base Damage Rotation (AoE)

Fistweaving 2.0
If you talent for Rising Thunder, you can do the damage rotation while keeping up with the healing. Mana-efficient, and if done skillfully, can keep a relatively high HPS as well. Here’s an example of the rotation:

Mana Management

Since spirit is no longer present on our gear pieces, mana management has risen in importance. To better understand mana management, you need to know which spells have high cost, which spells have low cost and when it is appropriate to switch between them. First, here is a list of the mana cost in order:

Essence Font and Enveloping Mist are the powerhouses of healing, but they cost quite a bit. Never use these if you’re running low on mana. Instead, switch to Effuse, Soothing Mist and your free talents for better mana-efficiency. Sheilun’s Gift at high stacks and AoE healing are also very efficient. You can also save quite a bit of mana by using the Thunder Focus Tea empowerments on Vivify for free healing.

For longer fights, you might need to alternate between the heavy healing and the mana-efficient healing. For raiding, alert the other healers on the team when you need to use the mana-efficient rotation and trust that they can handle it. As for any type of encounter when you need to solo heal, Soothing Mist is your friend. It can do the same healing as Enveloping Mist over 9 seconds of channeling (admittedly, without the mastery heal and the healing bonus), so you can rely on it quite a bit. Make sure that your HoTs are allowed to tick as well without getting overwritten.

Mana Management and Talents
There are several talents that can help you if you have mana problems, and they are all very strong and useful for any Mistweaver.

  • Lifecycles – Alternating between Enveloping Mist and Vivify saves you 20% of the mana cost. This is a great talent for raids and can be quite good in dungeons as well. Just make sure you keep track of which spell to cast next!
  • Spirit of the Crane & Rising Thunder – The new “fistweaving” rotation is quite mana efficient and good to use in any type of content. Read more about in the above sections!
  • Mist Wrap – Althought this talent doesn’t directly contribute to your mana regen, the stronger Enveloping Mist does its work while you can focus more on channeling Soothing Mist, even if you have to move. The combination allows you to save some mana!
  • Mana Tea – This talent is a strong cooldown of 1.5 min that allows you to cast spell at 50% mana cost for 10 seconds. Blast it off whenever you plan to cast several Vivifys, Essence Fonts or Refreshing Jade Winds! This talent is good all-around and is powerful in encounters that require burst healing.


Mistweaver is a quite mobile healer spec and has several tools to its possession. Firstly, the baseline ability Roll allows you to travel a short distance quickly. It can be modified by the talents Chi Torpedo or Celerity, alternatively opt for the ability Tiger’s Lust in the same talent row.

Transcendence is another ability that is slightly similar to the Warlock portal. You simply press the ability to drop a spirit at your current location. You can then switch places with it at any time, as long as you are within 40 yards of the spirit by using the ability Transcendence: Transfer. With the Spirit Tether artifact trait, it’s also useful for slowing enemies.

As for emergency mobile healing, you can also utilize Thunder Focus Tea for instant Enveloping Mists.

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