Patch 7.1

Healing Toolkit

2% of base mana, 1.5 sec cast, 40yd range
A fast and efficient spell, healing the target for [250% of spell power].
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4.5% of base mana, 1.5 sec cast, 40yd range
Causes a surge of invigorating mists around the target, healing them and their 2 nearest injured allies for [275% of spell power].
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ability_monk_essencefontEssence Font
8% of base mana, 3 sec cast, 25 yd range
Unleashes a rapid twirl of healing bolts at up to 6 allies within 25yds, every 1 sec for 3 sec. Each bolt heals a target for [110% of spell power], plus an additional [36% of spell power].
Gust of Mists will heal affected targets twice.
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ability_monk_renewingmistsRenewing Mist
3% of base mana, Instant, 8 sec cooldown, 40 yd range
Surrounds the target with healing mists, restoring [700% of spell power] health over 20 sec.
If Renewing Mists heals a target past maximum health, it will travel to another injured ally within 20 yds.
Each time Renewing Mist heals, it has a 4% chance to increase the healing of your next Vivify by 40%.
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spell_monk_envelopingmistEnveloping Mist
6% of base mana, 2 sec cast, 40 yd range
Wraps the target in healing mists, healing for [990% of spell power] over 6 sec, and increasing healing received from your other spells by 30%.
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ability_monk_thunderfocusteaThunder Focus Tea
Instant, 30 sec cooldown
Receives a jolt of energy, empowering your next spell cast:
Renewing Mist: Does not trigger cooldown.
Effuse: Healing increased by 200%.
Enveloping Mist: Instant cast.
Essence Font: Castable while moving.
Vivify: No mana cost.
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ability_monk_chicocoonLife Cocoon
2.4% of base mana, Instant, 3 min cooldown, 40 yd range
Encases the target in a cocoon of Chi energy for 12 sec, absorbing [3116% of spell power] damage and increases all healing over time received by 50%.
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4.3% of base mana, Instant, 3 min cooldown, 40 yd range
Heals all party and raid members within 40 yards for [720% of spell power] and clears them of all harmful Magic, Poison and Disease effects.
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2.6% of base mana, Instant, 8 sec recharge, 40 yd range
Removes all Magic, Poison, and Disease effects from the target.
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Damage Toolkit

ability_monk_tigerpalmTiger Palm
Instant, Melee range
Attack with the palm of your hand, dealing [105% of attack power] damage.
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ability_monk_roundhousekickBlackout Kick
Instant, 3 sec cooldown, Melee range
Kick with a blast of Chi energy, dealing [385% of attack power] physical damage.
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ability_monk_risingsunkickRising Sun Kick
2.25% of base mana, Instant, 10 sec recharge, Melee range
Kick upwards, dealing [910% of attack power] damage.
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ability_monk_cranekick_newSpinning Crane Kick
1% of base mana, 1.5 sec channel, 8 yd range
Spin while kicking in the air, dealing [400% of attack power] damage over 1.5 sec to enemies within 8 yds.
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ability_monk_cracklingjadelightningCrackling Jade Lightning
4 sec channeled, 40 yd range
Channel Jade Lightning, causing [70% of attack power] Nature damage over 4 sec to the target and sometimes knocking back melee attackers.
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Instant, 2 charges, 20 sec recharge
Roll a short distance.
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Instant, 8 sec cooldown, 30 yd range
Taunts the target and causes them to move toward you at 50% increased speed.
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3% of base mana, Instant, 15 sec cooldown, 20 yd range
Incapacitates the target for 1 min. Limit 1. Damage will cancel the effect.
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Instant, 10 sec cooldown
Split your body and spirit, leaving your spirit behind for 15 min. Use Transcendence: Transfer to swap location with your spirit.
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spell_shaman_spectraltransformationTranscendence: Transfer
Instant, 25 sec cooldown, 40 yd range
Your body and spirit swap locations.
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0.8% of base mana, 10 sec cast, 40 yd range
Returns the spirit to the body, restoring a dead target to life with 35% of maximum health and mana. Cannot be cast when in combat.
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0.8% of base mana, 10 sec cast, 100 yd range
Returns all dead party members to life with 35% health and mana. Cannot be cast when in combat.
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spell_monk_zenpilgrimageZen Pilgrimage
10 sec cast, 1 min cooldown
Your spirit travels to the Peak of Serenity in Pandaria, leaving your body behind.
Use Zen Pilgrimage again to return back to near your departure point.
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ability_monk_soothingmistsSoothing Mist
Effuse, Enveloping Mist, Vivify and Life Cocoon also trigger Soothing Mist.
After casting these spells, you continue to channel healing mists into the target, healing them for [64% of spell power] every 0.5 sec, until you take any other action.
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passive_monk_teachingsofmonasteryTeachings of the Monastery
Tiger Palm causes your next Blackout Kick to strike and additional time, stacking up to 3.
Blackout Kick has a 15% chance to reset the remaining cooldown of Rising Sun Kick.
Wowhead: Spell

ability_monk_souldanceMastery: Gust of Mists
Effyse, Renewing Mist, Enveloping Mist, and Vivify also cause a gust of healing mists, instantly healing the primary target for [0.01% of spell power].
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