Mistweaver Artifact

In the new expansion Legion, each class and each spec acquire their very own weapon. This weapon will follow them through their entire journey on Broken Isles, and every step on the way will grant more power to the weapon. Mistweaver Monks embark on their journey for the legendary Sheilun, Staff of the Mists. Sheilun was used by the last emperor himself to divide Pandaria from the main land and cloak it in mists.


The artifact Sheilun is your new companion in Legion and it will accompany you through the entire journey. You will quest with your artifact, raid with your artifact, eat and sleep with your artifact. Your weapon will grow in power just like you do, and in this guide I will go through all the steps on how to empower your weapon.

Empower Sheilun

Sheilun is acquired at the start of your journey to the Broken Isles. It can be empowered in several ways: artifact power which unlocks artifact traits in its progression tree; relics which determine the artifacts item level and empower one trait; knowledge which determines how much artifact power you earn. Both artifact power and relics can be earned by all types of content in Legion!

Progression Tree

Artifact Tree Progress2
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Prioritized Traits

Traits for Later:

Mists of Sheilun and Blessing of Yulon are your first priorities; you can choose which to first pursue depending on what you need most. You will be able to unlock both of the major traits quite early in the progression, so don’t fret if you change your mind. Of the major traits, Celestial Breath should be the last to pursue.



Relics are a new type of gear slot that you put directly into your artifact. They come in different item levels and rarities; difficult content gives the best relics! There are different types of relics as well, such as storm, life, frost, blood, arcane, shadow, light, etc. Sheilun uses Frost relics and Life relics initially. The third slot for the Storm relic unlocks when you have finished the Monk Class Campaign. You should always prioritize the relic with highest item level!


WoWScrnShot_090216_124105Knowledge about Sheilun can be gained through research. In the Monk Class Hall, you can find Lorewalker Cho west of the temple. You can start your research with him by funneling Order resources to work orders. It takes several days to research Knowledge, so start as early as possible! Once you’ve gained higher knowledge, you will earn more Artifact power and it’ll be easier to both empower Sheilun and also funnel the left-overs to Fu-Zan and Fists of Heavens if you want to keep your off-specs relatively viable.

Artifact Models and Locations

Sheilun has several different appearances. These can be unlocked by doing various different content and you can then change the appearance in your Class Hall’s artifact forge (the turtle head for Monks). Developers have hinted that the Artifact models may become transmog appearances in future expansions, as long as they were unlocked while Legion were current content. In other words, unlock as many as possible while you can!

Sheilun, Staff of the Mists

Sheilun - Model 1

Toll of the Deep Mist

Sheilun - Model 2

  • Tint 1: Complete the Monk class hall campaign.
  • Tint 2: Unlock every Artifact trait.
  • Tint 3: Research the full history of your class hall.
  • Tint 4: Complete the achievement “This Side Up” by obtaining eight of the rare archaeological finds.

Chi-Ji’s Spirit

Sheilun - Model 3

  • Tint 1: Complete the quest line, “Balance of Power”. This lengthy quest line starts in the Class Hall with the quest The Power Within at level 110, when Sheilun’s power has grown sufficiently (criteria for unlocking the quest are yet unknown in its entirety). 
  • Tint 2: Complete the achievement, “Unleashed Monstrosities” by killing 8 of the 10 world bosses in Broken Isles.
  • Tint 3: Complete a Mythic+ Dungeon using a level 15 keystone.
  • Tint 4: Complete the achievement, “Glory of the Legion Hero”.

Sha’s Torment

Sheilun - Model 4

  • Tint 1: Reach Prestige level 1, rank 50 by PvP activites.
  • Tint 2: Reach Prestige level 5 and earn a Crest of Heroism.
  • Tint 3: Reach Prestige level 9 and earn a Crest of Carnage.
  • Tint 4: Reach Prestige level 15 and earn a Crest of Devastation.

Breath of the Undying Serpent

Sheilun - Model 5

  • Tint 1: Unlocked by Breath of the Undying Serpent that drops from the Dragons of Nightmare in the Emerald Nightmare.
  • Tint 2: Complete 100 dungeons using a hidden artifact appearance.
  • Tint 3: Complete 200 World Quests using a hidden artifact appearance.
  • Tint 4: Kill 1000 enemy players using a hidden artifact appearance.

Essence of Calm

Sheilun - Model 6 Essence of Calm2

  • Tint 1: Coming in a patch 7.2. Will be obtained through a series of challenging solo content (as to what is yet unknown.
  • Tint 2: Coming in a patch 7.2. Defeat Heroic Kil’Jaeden using this Challenge Artifact Appearance.
  • Tint 3: Coming in a patch 7.2. Win 10 Rated Battlegrounds using this Challenge Artifact Appearance.
  • Tint 4: Coming in a patch 7.2. Defeat all Legion Dungeon Bosses using this Challenge Artifact Appearance.

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