Weakaura School Revamp and Updates

I have finally taken the time to update the way, way, way outdated Weakaura School. Now it’s finally relevant for this patch’s (and expansion’s) content. I’ve revamped it so that it’s no longer a text guide, it’s a video guide now. Because frankly, video is such an easier medium for teaching about addons. I hope you agree!

Right, so they are videos I’ve uploaded on Youtube. For the first lesson, you can find the video resources on its blog page (click on the images to follow the links).

Sidenote: I’ve also updated the Custom Texture Aura page for this patch. The auras were a little broken after all the talents had swapped around!

I’ll probably do more lessons when I have the time for it. I have a vague idea to make a video of how my UIs work (many uninitiated ask about it), maybe some auras that are based on DBM announces. There’s a lot to cover, so if you have ideas of what you want to learn, let me know in the comments below!

WeakAura School (3); Cooldown Aura

3 - Cooldown Aura

Hello and welcome to part 3 of my WeakAura School. Today I’m going to teach you how to build your own Cooldown Aura. I will use Revival as template, but the principles of making a cooldown aura remains the same for any cooldown. You can use this guide to make a cooldown aura for any spell you’d like. Let’s get started!

If you are unsure of how the WeakAura menu works, take a look in my basic tutorial of WA in part one of my guide.

The finished product will look like this, on and off cooldown;

Finished Product

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WeakAura School (2); Simple Proc Aura

2 - Simple Proc AuraHello and welcome to part 2 of my WeakAura School. If you haven’t read up on the Basics (Part 1) do so here.

In this part I’ll teach you how to build your own proc aura. A proc aura is a texture or icon that pops up on your screen to relay a type of information, for example that a certain spell is ready to be used or that your health is at a certain percentage. You can program it to trigger to anything you like.

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WeakAura School (1); The Basics

1 - The Basics

Hello, and welcome to my WeakAura School. Here you will learn about the World of Warcraft addon WeakAuras2 and how you can build your own auras the way I do. You do not need any previous knowledge of the addon and it requires absolutely zero programming skills. The addon itself can be coded with a specific programming language, but I don’t use it and still can do very beautiful and sometimes rather complex auras.

In the first part of my WeakAura School series I will teach you the basics and the menu of the addon, which will pretty much prepare you to build any aura you like. It will also work as a reference guide! But I will follow it up by writing guides on how I build specific auras to show you the ins and outs of this very powerful addon.

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