Weakaura Updates, New Transmogs and More

Time flies when you’re having fun, and I’ve been playing World of Warcraft like crazy. Enough to forget to update the blog as I should. But I will try to rectify that now! Here is the first batch of updates, concerning weakauras and transmog.

Weakaura HUDs for all three Monk specs

New and updated HUDs for all three specs are available here:

Weakaura Hub > WeakAura Library > Mistweaver Icon Auras

Artifact Custom Transmogs

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Patch 7.2 Roundup on Mistweavers

A lot of changes for Mistweavers has been filtered through the PTR notes, but in bits and pieces. I try to summarize some of the latest changes and news regarding everything Mistweaver in this post. Take a look at what’s in store for patch 7.2 for Mistweaver Monks!

Mistweaver Changes

Blue Posts

On the removal of Mistwalk:

This was a primarily PvP-focused change. It wasn’t getting much use in PvE (and when it was, that was almost always the wrong choice), and it was giving Mistweavers far too much mobility in PvP, especially in RBGs where it was highly problematic.

We’re obviously aware that this change has balance implications, and are prepared to make any additional changes necessary for Mistweaver PvP performance.

Original Post, by Lore

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Advanced Mistweaving Page Updated

I know it took forever for me to update the Advanced Mistweaving Strategy guide, but in my defense I had no idea what to write until now and didn’t have the time to sit down and figure it out. This is why vacations are awesome!

This time I expound more on the different styles of healing in Mythic+ vs raiding and how you can improve on both accounts. I also give a more detailed account of mana management, since that is usually a big topic in raid settings. The section of ‘What is a good healer’ from the old guide still has valid principles that can be applied to any healer class, and is therefore still in the guide.

Advanced Mistweaving Strategy

As for my own adventures in a Mistweaving world, my guild is currently progressing Nighthold Mythic. I must say, I infinitely prefer the encounters in Nighthold to those in Emerald Nightmare and Trial of Valor and this may or may not have to do with more opportunity for stack healing. And that I got the Legendary trinket. But just maybe!

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WeakAura (Icon) Library Updated

Only half a month to go before Legion – it’s high time to make sure that your UI is on point! I have a string of updates I need to do before launch, and today I can tick on of them off: the Mistweaver Icon Aura Library. I’ve got you covered! 

In my Icon Aura library you can find export strings for all kinds of auras. I have nearly all abilities (shows cooldown of Renewing Mist, Revival, Life Cocoon, etc), good auras for fistweaving (Teachings of the Monastery, Rising Sun Kick), talents (Lifecycles, Mana Tea, etc.) and trackers that shows how many people in your group are affected by ReM and the Essence Font buff. I recommend skinning the icons with the addon Masque and a few extension addons!

Auras: WeakAura Library > Mistweaver Icon Auras
Skins: WeakAura Skins

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Mistweaver Guide updated for Patch 7.0

The pre-patch is here! Okay, it’s here for America. Europe has to wait until tomorrow until its launch, but that only means I have an extra day to update my blog. The blog will be renovated for patch 7.0 and Legion the upcoming days, and I’ve already finished the Basic Mistweaving Guide and Talents. Still so many things to do and so little time!

Are you in need of some Mistweaving assistance? Look no further, help is here! I have updated my Basic Mistweaving Guide and Talents section just in time for the pre-patch.

Basic Mistweaving Guide – Explains stat priority, healing toolkit, damage toolkit and rotations to go with them.

Talents – A rundown of all the talents and which to pick in which situation.

I have in mind to edit these continuously as I gain new knowledge myself. Also, they need to be spiced up with some nice illustrations, but all in good time. I still have the following pages to update:

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PTR and Mistweaver Crash Course

The PTR for the Legion pre-patch is up and running! Everyone can try the new Mistweaver Monk and check out all the new features. I recommend you to do it! Are you confused about all the new abilities and changes? Don’t worry, I have you covered.

This is actually a small project I started months ago, though I thought I wouldn’t finish it for quite a while. But this morning I jumped into the PTR and felt “crap, I really need to finish this guide”. So I’ve been working all day to finish it for you guys.

It’s a small introduction to Mistweaver Monks in Legion, tuned for patch 7.0 currently. Changes may occur between now and launch, so keep that in mind. I share it now so that new and old players can easily be introduced to the Legion version of Mistweaver Monks as soon as possible.

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New Monk Transmogs!

I have been shamefully bad at updating my Transmog page, even though I still love to experiment with my transmog sets all night long. There are so many cool Monk transmog sets out there, and since I like to compose some custom ones of my own, an update was long over due. So, I took the time to create some promos of my favourites and added it to my Customized Sets in the Transmog Guide. There are links to the gear pieces on Wowhead, so you can easily figure out where to find them. Remember – if you can’t acquire a specific gear piece, often enough there are additional items with the same look! Check Wowhead’s “Same Model As…” tab to find them.

This time around, I created some sets that do not only look good on Mistweavers, but also on Windwalkers and Brewmasters. Hope you find it inspiring!

New Monk Transmog Sets!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I will create more Transmog sets for the future. Once Legion is launched, I will do sets for each Artifact transmog as well!

Good luck with your transmogging!

Major WeakAura Library Update – Live!

After innumerable hours of work, the WeakAura Library update is finally live! The Library is now split into three parts and include Mistweaver Icon Auras, Custom Texture Auras and a section completely dedicated to UI Troubleshooting. It also includes graphic auras for Windwalker and Brewmaster Monks! Since the update is so large, there may be some issues with some of the auras – if you find them, please report in the Troubleshooting page (comments are enabled there)!

Serpent Promo

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The Scale of the World

To the roots of Pandarens and Monks, in Legion we will find our way back to the Wandering Isle. Shen-zin Su, on whose back the Temple of the Five Dawns still stands, and the resident Monks welcome us with open arms. Yet, the heritage of Monks can be traced back further, to Pandaria itself, whose image is based upon Ancient China. The link between the land of imagination and the land that sparked the imagination is something a curious mind like mine eagerly explores.

JadeForest07You have to forgive me, but with the standing news drought, I usually turn to more philosophical topics. I often go back to the origin of Monks – Pandaria. It is quite enjoyable to run mountless in the Jade Forest and let your mind wander where it will. I take inspiration of my surroundings and imagine all kinds of art I could do for my UI. But as I track my way around the forest, I cannot help to think of the link between the world as imagined in World of Warcraft, and its real life counterpart, China.

If I would imagine the process of creating a world like Pandaria, I imagine the developers make a deep dive into Chinese culture, trying to understand the whole, and pick parts of to represent the core of the culture. The result is an outstanding vision, with every nook and cranny deeply sated with the philosophical and aesthetics parts of the culture of Ancient China – and in extension, the Pandaren culture. But is only a symbol of the whole; a small miniature world that merely represents in a metaphorical way our ideas of what China is.

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New Alpha Build – Tier 19 and Talent changes

Good morning! The new alpha build has been datamined and it is filled with all kinds of new stuff and changes. I don’t know why, but it feels a bit like Christmas come early whenever we get new information. Anyway, without further ado, let’s dig into it!

Courtesy of Wowhead and MMO Champion~

Spell changes log

  • Effuse‘s cast time has been reduced to 1 sec down from 1.5 sec.
  • Our Mastery: Gusts of Mists has been given a better description:
    • “Your Effuse, Renewing Mist, Enveloping Mist, and Vivify also cause a gust of healing mists, instantly healing the primary target for [0.01% of Spell Power].”
  • Thunder Focus Tea‘s cooldown has been reduced to 30 sec, down from 45 sec. It only empowers Effuse by 100% instead of 200% now.

Talent Changes

Talents New

They have moved them around! Mistwalk is now a level 15 talent and only compete with Zen Pulse and Chi Burst! I am so happy I’m gonna die!

  • Focused Thunder now only empowers your next 2 spells, down from 3.
  • Lifecycle‘s mana reduction has been reduced to 20% down from 30%.
  • Mana Tea is now a level 100 talent, previously level 15, and has increased cooldown to 1.5 min up from 1 min.
  • Mistwrap is now a level 90 talent, instead of level 45 talent.
  • Mistwalk is now a level 15 talent, instead of level 100 talent.
  • Soothing Elegance is now a level 45 talent, instead of a level 100 talent.
  • Summon Jade Serpent Statue is now a level 100 talent, instead of a level 90 talent.

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