New Legendary Page

I haven’t been idle while the blog went down! When Misty Teahouse was in limbo, I decided to write a little about Mistweaver legendaries. Mostly about how they work, since it isn’t always obvious by just reading the description.

New Page: Mistweaver Legendaries

The page is sub-item to “Mistweaver Guide”, so you’ll find it listed there too. I’ve added more detailed descriptions of what the legendaries do, but since I haven’t been able to test all, I had to do some research on the legendaries that I do not own. Hopefully everything’s accurate, otherwise I’ll update it as needed.

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Misty Teahouse took a trip to Limbo

If you have tried to access my blog the past three days, you might have noticed that my blog was nowhere to be found. Through a series of unfortunate events, the Misty Teahouse took a trip to the dark side of the internet. Thankfully, I got it back in one piece through my vast powers of technology… I’m kidding, I called tech-support.

Long story short, a less than a year ago I switched my blog through self-hosted instead of WordPress premium. The subscription for the premium ran out three days ago, which would have been all fine and dandy unless my domain had been part of that otherwise useless package deal. So yes, the domain was deleted, I called support and instead of paying for the whole premium package, I payed only for the domain and they fished it back from techno-limbo. Happy ending!

In more mistweaver-related news, patch 7.1.5 is coming ever closer to release. Here’s a summary of the Mistweaver changes:

Patch 7.1.5 – Mistweaver Notes

The good stuff:

  • Rising Sun Kick costs 2% of base mana, down from 2.3%.
  • Crackling Jade Lightning now deals 140% of attack power damage, up from 70%.
  • Mistwalk (Talent) now heals for 420% of spell power, up from 350%.
  • Song of Chi-Ji (Talent) now has a 15 sec cooldown, down from 30 sec.
  • Zen Pulse (Talent) now heals and deals damage for 220% of spell power, up from 200%.
  • Dampen Harm (Talent) now reduces the damage of incoming attacks by 20-50% (depending on how hard attack) for 10 sec. Previously reduced the next three incoming attacks by 30% if they damage 15% of your health or more.
  • Diffuse Magic (Talent) now has a 1.5 min cooldown, down from 2 min cooldown.
  • Ring of Peace (Talent) now forms at target location and ejects all enemies out of the ring. Previously formed around a friendly target and knocked back enemies who used harmful spells or abilities.
  • Healing Sphere (PvP) now has a 15 sec recharge time, down from 45 sec.
  • Way of the Crane (PvP) now also make you immune to stun effects.

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Mistweaver Notes – Emerald Nightmare

Whenever I’m gonna tackle a new raid, I study and take notes of each boss encounter. Here are my notes for the Emerald Nightmare raid (Heroic). My guild cleared both Normal and Heroic the first week of release, so I haven’t spent much time doing these encounters but the notes should be rather complete. I’ve snuck a few Mistweaver tips in there as well!

“Darkbough” Wing


  • 1-nythendraStand 8 yds away from allies when affected by Rot. When expired, green patch will spawn beneath you. Put puddles at the edge of a room at a designated location.
  • Run out of Infested Breath. It targets random non-tank players. Make sure that the subsequent puddles are as stacked as possible by having players standing near existing puddles when breath is incoming.
  • Do not stand near insects when Heart of the Swarm is active. Puddles will also be sucked into the boss, watch out for flying green patches (which is why you want to stack them, so there are safe areas in this phase).
  • Infested debuff stacks inevitably during the fight and is cleared at Heart of the Swarm.
  • Chi-Ji / Revival / Mana Tea on Infested Breath and/or Heart of the Swarm.
  • High points of raid damage; if caught in Infested Breath, if standing close to insects during Heart of the Swarm, or if close to a tank’s Volatile Rot detonation. Use Diffuse Magic for survival.

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Emerald Nightmare Begins

The world opens bit by bit, and this week we can finally enter the Emerald Nightmare normal and heroic. World bosses have started populating the Broken Isles as well, and more will come the following weeks. How prepared are you?

Some of you have probably raced through world bosses and the entire new raid already. Maybe you’ve even had done it all on the Beta previously. In any case, the Emerald Nightmare was new to me and my whole raid raced through Normal difficulty yesterday to try out our new recruits. We will continue with Heroic this week too.

Prepping for the raid, I started making some personal notes on each boss to help me remember important mechanics. It started out simple, with a few more notes than the dungeon journal. Then of course, because I am me, it became a little bit more excessive in detail. So I thought to myself, since I won’t do a full-blown encounter guide (there are already so many good ones out there), I can at least release my personal notes on the bosses.

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Legion Launch Experience and Royal UI

I don’t know about you guys, but I wish I could forgo sleep altogether just to make the days longer; maybe I could manage to do everything I want to do that day in Broken Isles then. There’s so much to do! Dungeons! World quests! Professions! I need more time!

This was, without a doubt, the smoothest launch of an expansion I’ve ever experienced. Within 24 hours I was level 110 (and yes, I did get a good night sleep in that time too) and it never felt overcrowded or lacking quest mobs. I also happened to be friends with the luckiest person on WoW, who got a Legendary on the first World quest cache. He became 4th best geared in Europe when he got it. Lucky bastard.

I have so much I need to update on the blog too! I’m working on an extensive Artifact page for Sheilun and I really need to update my Mistweaving guides. I just got to learn how to live without sleeping first, then I’m good to go.

The Patreon cycle for Zen UI is complete and eligible patrons will get their rewards in the coming week. Meanwhile, the previous month’s rewards are up on Gumroad for those who missed it!

Royal UI up on Gumroad
Visit my Gumroad shop!

5 Royal

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Hotfixes and Last-Minute Panic

Legion seemed so far off, like a speck in the horizon. Then one day that speck was suddenly a massive Legion invasion that gob-smacked you right in the face. Legion is here, the big launch coming only in a few short days, and I’m having last minute panic over all the things I need to get done before then! But the hype is real!

Mistweaver Hotfixes

Legion Schedule

August 30, Tuesday – Launch! Mythic Dungeons open after weekly reset.
September 20, Tuesday – Emerald Nightmare Normal and Heroic opens! Mythic+ Dungeons become available!
September 27, Tuesday – Emerald Nightmare Mythic and the first wing of LFR opens!
October 11, Tuesday – 2nd wing of Emerald Nightmare LFR opens!
October 25, Tuesday – 3rd wing of Emerald Nightmare LFR opens!

Nighthold (Suramar Palace) raid will open sometime early 2017.

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First Week of a New Mistweaving World

With the risk of breaking out into song about “A whole new Woooooooorld” after the latest week of the new Mistweaver, I thought it was tea time! In other words, pour yourself a large cup of tea and let’s have a talk about everything new in the World of Warcraft… Who am I kidding, I’m just going to talk about Mistweavers – hold the door!

After having tried both the more traditional Lifecycles build and the new fistweaving build as a raiding Mistweaver, my first thought that struck me was how much freedom I suddenly got. Freedom from having my spells locked by Chi, freedom from the statue, freedom from stances. I had never really considered these as limitations until I just realized that I could pretty much cast any spell I wanted, at any time and any place now instead. “There’s so much room for activites!”

I have had so much fun trying both the builds – though I have a certain love for the new fistweaving build. It is very fast-paced and demands quite a deal from the Mistweaver. But if you get it just right, you are rewarded by doing BOTH great damage and healing. Isn’t that the best of both worlds?

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Mistweaver Guide updated for Patch 7.0

The pre-patch is here! Okay, it’s here for America. Europe has to wait until tomorrow until its launch, but that only means I have an extra day to update my blog. The blog will be renovated for patch 7.0 and Legion the upcoming days, and I’ve already finished the Basic Mistweaving Guide and Talents. Still so many things to do and so little time!

Are you in need of some Mistweaving assistance? Look no further, help is here! I have updated my Basic Mistweaving Guide and Talents section just in time for the pre-patch.

Basic Mistweaving Guide – Explains stat priority, healing toolkit, damage toolkit and rotations to go with them.

Talents – A rundown of all the talents and which to pick in which situation.

I have in mind to edit these continuously as I gain new knowledge myself. Also, they need to be spiced up with some nice illustrations, but all in good time. I still have the following pages to update:

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Beta Notes and Harbinger

A new beta build is up and Mistweavers have finally received some well-deserved buffs to our damage rotation. Also, the animated short series for Legion has been announced with a really fancy trailer. Have a look!

Mistweaver Changes

July 7

  • Rising Sun Kick now deals 790% of attack power damage, up from 750%.
  • Blackout Kick now deals 335% of attack power damage, up from 325%.
  • Tiger Palm now deals 90% of attack power damage, down from 100%.

July 13 (Today)

  • Chi Burst now heals for 412.5% of attack power, up from 275%. Damage unchanged.
  • Rising Sun Kick now deals damage for 910% of attack power, up from 790%.
  • Blackout Kick now deals damage for 385% of attack power, up from 335%.
  • Tiger Palm now deals damage for 105% of attack power, up from 90%.

There was a build at July 7 that I didn’t do a post on, since it was rather small, and opted to have it listed here instead. As you can see, the previous build buffed our damaging spells a little bit and then this patch they were buffed even more. This makes levelling easier and fistweaving 2.0 much stronger. All good things!

Harbinger Trailer

I’m for one is excited! The first episode will be out at July 21st, so keep an eye out for it.

Thoughts on Levelling

While the pre-patch is approaching rapidly (some say July 19, but it is uncertain) I’ve been playing around on beta and tried levelling as a Mistweaver. Many wonder how well a healer can level in Legion and if there are any alternatives. Here are some of my thoughts on the matter.

In Legion, every spec has its own artifact weapon. The artifact has its own progression tree, and as you quest in the world and do content, you earn artifact power that you can spend on the progression tree. The result is that most people want to choose and stick to a spec as soon as possible to funnel all artifact power into that specific artifact. Healers are supposed to be able to level up in their healer spec and progress on their artifact from the get-go. Question is, how effective is it to level as a healer? And are there alternatives? Let’s go through the questions in an orderly manner.

Are you locked in a spec throughout the whole levelling experience due to artifacts?
Short answer, no. Due to tri-spec being available for everyone (duo for Demon Hunters, quad for Druids) you can easily switch between all of your available specs. At level 100, you can embark upon your journey for your first artifact and at level 102 you will get the quest for the remaining two.

The artifact power you earn throughout the Broken Isles can be spent on either of the artifacts. Though I would recommend to chose one of them to begin with!

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