Hello, my name is Ashleah and I’m the author of this Mistweaver Monk blog!

I hail from snowy Sweden and I spend a lot of time on games, both console and PC games. My most time-consuming is of course WoW. I have played WoW on and off since vanilla, even though I didn’t become a serious player until somewhere in Wrath. I came back again in MoP and to my great joy, I got to learn about the Monk class. The most fun class I’ve ever played (and I have been poking in all the classes)! To be honest, I became a little obsessed and to relieve my closest ones from all my MW ranting, I created this blog as an outlet (may my poor bf’s ears rest in peace).

I am no theorycrafter but hopefully my obsession can be of some value for those who seek advice on the Mistweaver spec, whether it be on rotation, build, transmog or PG. Hopefully, you’ll find some help here!

Maybe I’ll even inspire some to try Mistweaver which just means all the more fun. So hope you’ll enjoy. :)

Best regards,

Serpent healer