Patreon Preview – Art of Fall

November is creeping towards its end, which of course means that the Patreon deadline for this month’s UI is closing in. Here is a small preview of what’s in store this month! A full-feathered package of themed interface art to adorn your screen, in the colours of autumn!

If you are new to Patreon: it’s a subscription service for NEW art I do every month. Patrons pledge at any day of the month; at the last day of the month Patreon withdraw the money and when all pledges have been processed, I send out the rewards to eligible patrons.

MistyTeahouse Patreon

Recap of my Patreon tiers:

Tier 1 “Tea Leaf Novice” – Patreon Activity Feed + Creativity Package
Tier 2 “Tea Plant Apprentice” – The above + Texture Package
Tier 3 “Tea Cup Initiate” – The above + Tutorial Package
Tier 4 “Tea Pot Adept” – The above + Border Package
Tier 5 “Tea Festivity Master” – The above + Themed Art Package

Deadline for this month’s art is 30th November.

Art Details – Fall UI


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UI Inspiration Page Updates

I’ve done a small update on my blog and added new images of my current UI on the UI Inspiration page. Sakresse has also obliged with new and sparkly images of her Legion UI! I want to keep filling the page however, so I will need your help!


UI Inspiration Page

I’m terribly slow at updating my blog pages, I know, but I’m getting there. The UI Inspiration page has gotten a small update now at least. I’ve added my own and Sakresse’s UI, and my Patreon interfaces. You can get inspiration from those and of course my old UIs.

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Mistweaver Notes – Mythic Ursoc

Here is a clean version of my personal notes from Ursoc mythic encounter. If you want to add any knowledge or help other players with the encounter, feel free to comment and discuss below!

Ursoc Mechanics

  • ursocUrosc charges the player affected by Focused Gaze after 6 seconds. The further away the player is from Ursoc, the less damage the player takes by Trampling Slam. When he hits the player, the raid takes damage by Barreling Impact, which does less damage the more players are standing in it.
  • Players hit by Barreling Impact get the Momentum debuff, which means they can’t always help soak the Impact.
  • Split the raid into two groups and let them rotate to soak Barreling Impact!
  • The raid should soak the damage of Roaring Cacophony together by standing close to Ursoc when he casts it. Never stand in the Miasma patches that are left behind.
  • Roaring Cacophony does more and more damage each time he casts it. Barreling Impact also deals high damage.
  • High tank damage. If the two tank debuffs (Overwhelm and Rend Flesh) aren’t handled properly, the tanks will die.
  • Roaring Cacaphony and Barreling Impact are physical damage, Diffuse Magic does not help. Consider Dampen Harm.
  • At 30%, Ursoc enrages and you enter the burn phase (Blood Frenzy).

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Xavius Mythic Kill Video

Yesterday, my guild finally took down the last boss of the Emerald Nightmare, mythic. And I actually remembered to record this time! Hallelujah! So, if you’re interested in seeing the kill or having a look at my current healer UI, it’s now at your disposal here or at YouTube.

The Emerald Nightmare Journey

Emerald Nightmare has definitely been fast-paced and, from the context of things, rather brief. Part, because EM seems to be a soft start to Legion (it has been indicated that it’ll be a rather long expansion), and hasn’t been the most challenging raid. Probably because tiers doesn’t drop from the raid and no one started with a fully fleshed-out Artifact. I have a feeling that Nighthold might give us more to chew on.

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Patreon October Complete – Art of the Fel

My Fel themed interface art is complete for October and rewards have been sent out to eligible patrons! Time to make the art into your very own UI. Here’s a post with some export strings to give you a running start!

Creating your own Fel UI

ui promo-themed-art-package

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Blizzcon Announcements – Future Patches

Buckle up your seat-belts, this will be a spoilery ride. New content has been announced from Blizzcon for many patches ahead, and I’ll be shamelessly delving into it without abandon. If you don’t like to know anything of what’s to come, don’t read this post and put a pillow around your face with a sleeping mask over. You’re gonna need it.

I could recap everything Ion Hazzikostas mentioned in the big reveal of Legion’s future, but then again I am a Monk. I have my monk-colored glasses on and if anyone mentions anything about warriors, water-throwers or tree-huggers, it just filters through like white noise. So, there’s some highlighting on Monk news here, including a brief summary:

Patch 7.1.5 – Minor Patch of Funness

  • Mists of Pandaria Timewalking will be introduced with 6 dungeons.
  • Brawler’s Guilds make a return!
  • Micro-holidays – Azeroth makes way for their own celebrations!
    • Ahn’Qiraj Remembrance Day
    • Volunteer Guard Day
    • Hatching the Hippogryphs
    • Boat Day
  • Blade’s Edge Arena graphics update.
  • Class Updates

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Patch 7.1 Karazhan Fiesta

Patch 7.1 has made a rapid launch to live servers and we can already enjoy new content. Class changes, new quests and campaigns, and not to mentioned Karazhan are among the new content. My schedule is not cooperating with me though so it will be a while before I can enjoy all of it. I’m getting there though!

Before I dig into it, I just wanted to thank everyone for your well-wishes since the last post. I’m glad to have you as my readers!

Mistweaver Changes

Not too many changes for Mistweavers, at least not ones that has an impact on our rotation. That Sheilun’s Gift activates Soothing Mist is very nice, we’ve been clamoring for it since alpha. The buff to Soothing Mist is also very welcome, especially for me who have the ring Legendary. Otherwise, nothing groundbreaking, Mistweavers are fairly steady.

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Brain Vacation at the Teahouse

I have been rather absent the past month, not just from the blog, but pretty much any social context. I’m trying to get my bearings again, and I thought that a post to recap my recent misbehaviours and adventures might just do the trick. So, warning! warning!, it’s a bit of personal post. I allow myself those on occasion.

I’m not gonna make this a pity-party so let’s go for the short version of the story. A huge amount of stressed coincided and piled up on me in a large festival of “Let’s see how much worse 2016 can become!” in a short amount of time. My mind felt like that was a good time to go on a strike, despite my objections, and I had to do a small retreat to avoid a complete burnout.

Can’t say I’ve been very successful. Social interactions were always hard for me, but now I was starting to look like a hermit. I’ve consumed tons of books. And when I say tons I mean that I’ve read about a book a day for the past month. It’s a coping mechanism for me, because when I read I forget I have stress and/or problems. Recently, I did a deep-dive in Urban Fantasy, which critically suffers from flat plot points, self-contradictory heroines with more bark than bite, inconsistent characters and book covers that make you cringe into a pretzel. But occasionally you find those golden nuggets of Urban Fantasy that take all your morals and worldviews and smack them in your face with it. I mean, they might not turn your world completely up-side-down but at least they got you thinking.

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Mistweaver Notes – Mythic Nythendra

Here are my personal notes from my progression on Mythic Nythendra – or at least the cleaned-up version of them. The original notes had more colorful language, spelling mistakes and abbreviations until oblivion. But now they’re legible – hurray!

nythendraNythendra Active

  • Infested debuff stacks inevitably during the fight and is cleared at Heart of the Swarm. If you have 10  or more stacks of Infested, you will be mind-controlled after Nythendra casts Infested Mind (which always happen directly after casting Infested Breath). Stack up before the cast so that non-mc people can dish out enough damage to break the mc.
    • Do not use Leg Sweep since debuffs remain even after MC. The mind-control is easily broken though, so Spinning Crane Kick is fine.
    • Try to stagger MCs so that you always have enough people to break out affected players. This sometimes mean that you have to stand in puddles to accumulate stacks on purpose. Raid leader should keep an eye out on how many will get mind-controlled.
    • 3rd MC is critical since Rot will be cast about the same time. Spread directly after MC is broken.
  • Stand at least 8 yds away from allies when affected by Rot. When expired, green patch will spawn beneath you. Put puddles at the edge of a room at a designated location.
    • Use a Health Pot to heal while running out with Rot unless you can cast an emergency heal during or before the run. High-ticking damage!
  • Run out of Infested Breath. It targets random non-tank players. Make sure that the subsequent puddles are as stacked as possible by having players standing near existing puddles when breath is incoming.
  • Don’t stand close to the affected tank when Volatile Rot explodes. It’s raid-wide damage, but the closer to the explosion the more damage it does.

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Patreon September Complete – Art of the Nebula

The September cycle of Patreon was completed a while ago, so now it’s time to assemble your fancy new art into a UI! Here’s a help post to the Nebula UI to give you inspiration and to get you started.

Creating your own Nebula UI

ui promo-themed-art-package-2

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